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    Busy Busy Thistle Feeders

    Finches Favorite Three-Tube Thistle FeederWith their nesting season winding down, Goldfinches abound! Their electric yellow plumage is hard to miss. Adults feed babies thistle, or nyjer seed exclusively, so large capacity or extra thistle feeders are very helpful this time of year. Even those convenient thistle socks or bags, are an excellent way to accommodate all the newcomers.

    Because of their sweet nature, Goldfinches will usually just give up and fly off rather than fight at crowded thistle feeders. A fresh water source such as a bird bath is also very enticing to all songbirds, and with moving water like the dripper shown here, birds will be flocking to your yard!Goldfinch perched at a bird bath

    Remember to keep thistle feeders out year round to enjoy these vibrant summer colors. Goldfinches’ plumage will start to fade in the fall when they molt, but the same cheery birds will hang around your yard if offered thistle seed on a consistent basis.

    Happy Birding!

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    A Thistle Feeder and Finch Feeding Tips

    Thistle Feeder

    Many species of birds will visit your feeders, but unlike most other birds, the Goldfinches’ diet consists mainly of seed.  Most finches will feed their chicks insects,  while American Goldfinch chicks get the same thistle seed their parents eat.  When parents return to feed chicks, it is digested thistle (or nyjer seed), enough for the whole brood. Young are fed about twice an hour, this is why Goldfinches perched at your feeder will eat seed after seed.  It’s a great opportunity to view them in detail.

    One key to keeping Goldfinches around is eliminating the need to compete.  They are known to fly away and give up when other species crowd a thistle feeder.  Inexpensive thistle sacks are a good way to offer several separate feeders, thus eliminating the competition for food.

    Another important measure is to keep thistle seed fresh.  Many times the seed at the bottom of the thistle feeder gets packed down and draws moisture, birds won’t eat spoiled seed.  It’s important to completely dump old seed when refilling the feeder.

    To enjoy Goldfinches’ vibrant yellow color in warmer months, it’s advised to keep a thistle feeder out year-round, filled with fresh seed at all times.