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    Fun Peanut Feeders for Birds or Squirrels

    Some feeders are just plain fun, and this innovative whole peanut feeder is definitely one of them. Based on the “slinky” principle, the flexible wreath is simple to open and close for filling. With a larger capacity than most peanut feeders, the wreath holds almost 2 pounds of whole peanuts.

    Perfect for Jays, Titmice, Woodpeckers and more, it’s no surprise that squirrels adore this feeder too! The great design works for both feathered and furry friends alike. Who you’d prefer to feed is up to you, determining feeder placement, and the use of squirrel baffle or not, is what will make the difference to diners.

    Using peanut feeders for birds helps provide them with a nutritious snack that’s high in protein and fat. Storing the extra calories converts to warmth in cold weather, and energy stores for long migrations, and well, they just taste darn good too! If you’ve never fed peanuts before, add a peanut feeder to your yard and see who comes to visit…Happy Birding!

  • Bluebird Feeders

    A New Recycled Bluebird House

    Recycled Bluebird House
    Recycled Bluebird Feeder

    Seeing this seasons’ first bluebirds in my yard, it was the perfect reason to put up a new bluebird feeder.  This year I opted for one of the recycled models by Birds Choice.  It cost a few dollars more than a wooden feeder but the investment was well worth it!  This blue bird feeder not only has openings on either end, but two more additional openings on each side of the plexy panels.  A total of six openings…a unique feature for these types of feeders, it allows easier access and escape from from predators.

    At first glance, and by the weight, I could tell the quality was of very high standards.  Then, the label stating that “this bluebird feeder kept 33 plastic containers out of landfills” just makes one think how easily they created a positive reaction for the environment.  I know this blue bird feeder will last a very long time, as Birds Choice guarantees their recycled products never to crack, split or fade.  Can’t wait to see the bluebirds start using it!

    Oh yea, here’s my bluebird feeder, complete with a new baffle for extra protection.

    Bluebird Feeder in My Yard
    The New Bluebird Feeder in My Yard