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    wonderfully vibrant finch feeders

    Maybe finch feeders aren't so vibrant-but these indigo buntings sure are!Spring migrations can bring the coolest birds around. Not that we don’t enjoy our resident bluebirds, cardinals, chickadees and other usual suspects, but there’s something really exciting when one of these migratory visitors graces your yard. When one thinks “finch” it’s commonly the house, gold, or purple finch (who’s more red than purple) that come to mind.

    These blue birds happen to be finches too. Indigo buntings’ vibrant plumage is just as electrifying as goldfinches’ lemony hue is during peak summer season. You’ll find buntings at finch feeders, and honestly it’s hard to miss that color. They go for tiny seeds found in finch mixes, as well as nyjer (or thistle) seed.

    Indigo and painted buntings will visit finch feeders during their migrationTheir visits are always brief with us, moving further north for suitable breeding grounds. Painted buntings may also be seen at finch feeders, but we’ve spotted them only one time. So maybe it’s not the feeders themselves that are so colorful, but the spring migratory birds who frequent them… be on the look-out!

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    Happy New Year!!

    new years party animals Bye bye 2011…
    Hello 2012!

    We’d like to wish everyone a very happy, healthy, & prosperous New Year!

    Looking back on 2011, we’re really thankful for all of our great customers. It was just awesome to see so many repeats too! And even more so than sales, there were lots of new birdhouses and many types of bird feeders going into play for wild birds… that makes us happy 🙂 Peanut, Fly-Thru Recycled and Finch Feeders were especially popular, and we know the birds will love them!

    A big forgotten (but important) part of the holiday (and year round too) is the fine service provided by the USPS and FedEx. Although I’m furious with Fedex Billing at the moment… every holiday package was on time and no damages – so I guess that deserves a thank you.

    And as for the festivities tomorrow night: wherever you are, please be safe and have a wonderful time ringing in the New Year!


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    it’s a busy time of year for finch feeders

    you'll find finch feeders packed this time of yearWith the fall migration under way for many birds, Goldfinches are one of the few species who will actually stay put… especially if you have finch feeders in your yard. Although their vibrant yellow plumage will soon begin to fade and wither with their second molt of the season, these sweet songbirds are full-time residents in most of North America.

    Aside from being one of the few who experience two molts in the same season, they are also one of the latest breeders, raising nestlings in late summer through early fall. Because of this, you’ll find finch feeders busy with activity this time of year. Babies are fed thistle (or nyjer seed) almost exclusively.

    Because of hot, humid weather, seed tends to spoil rapidly, so it’s best to change and clean feeders frequently. If finch feeders are not being emptied quick enough by the birds, don’t fill them all the way. This three-tube finch feeder’s innovative design distributes seed more evenly, so it’s less likely to spoil.

    Just because that yellow plumage disappears, your finches won’t! Continue to fill your finch feeders throughout the year, and offer a fresh water source for these and other birds. Creating a wildlife friendly habitat will keep finches around the whole year.