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    Stately Dovecote Birdhouse Makes a Superb Mother’s Day Gift!

    Dovecote BirdhouseDid you procrastinate for mom’s special Day? Panicked in search of an amazing gift to show your love? No worries!

    Our dovecote birdhouses are works of art that really do last a lifetime. In durable vinyl/PVC, they could actually pass for wood. In fact we’ve had customers call and tell us “I ordered a vinyl birdhouse but received a wood one instead”. Copper stays bright and shiny for 3 to 4 years, at which time you can apply copper polish or let it weather naturally. The aged patina finish is to die for, the images just don’t do them any justice at all!

    Ranging from small to estate-size, these fine bird houses will grace the landscape with timeless beauty and elegance – we even guarantee it.dovecote birdhouse

    If you’ve delayed, an e-card will let mom choose her favorite style and roof option. Actually, an e-gift certificate will provide a most unique and really fun shopping experience that promises to be personal and friendly! That’s a big advantage to shopping small, just check our stellar testimonials for personal service that’s above and beyond any online shopping experience!

    This post was to be written days ago, but I think there’s been a mental block due to the holiday? Listen up: if you’re lucky enough to have your own mother around, spend time with her tomorrow, celebrate her nurturing way and all that’s she’s done for you growing up, you know, all the little stuff that’s taken for granted. And above all, show her your appreciation… dovecote birdhouse or not!

    By the way, we’ll design an e-gift card with your personal message, send it via email for you to print and insert in your Mother’s day card. Talk about last minute… she’ll never know 🙂Happy Mother's Day!

    To all the Mom’s out there, we wish for you a very Happy Mother’s Day!
    May it be filled with Family, Love and Laughter!



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    Why Go USA made on this copper roof birdhouse?

    copper roof birdhouse knock-off does not endure over time USA made copper roof birdhouse is durable vinyl and guaranteed to last

    In the spirit of the Labor Day holiday, we say go USA.Labor Day and USA Made Copper Roof Birdhouses

    Most times it’s true, you really do get what you pay for from a quality perspective. Although these two stunning birdhouses appear identical, they are not. Looks can be so deceiving!

    One is proudly crafted in the USA (in a mom & pop shop-supporting American jobs and our own economy) while the other is a mass produced knock-off from overseas. Can you tell the difference? Barley noticeable just by looking at the images, right?

    Both seem to have identical features, from the finial down to the decorative brackets… great knock-off, huh? The main feature that sets this copper roof birdhouse apart is the basic material: vinyl versus wood. Bet you still can’t really see the difference! That’s because the vinyl one made in the USA is such superb quality… it looks like wood! We’ve even had a customer or two over the years call us with concerns that their order was for a vinyl house – but they received a wooden one!

    Sure the price tag is higher for the vinyl version, but it’s guaranteed to last because it’s impervious to weather and insects. In fact it’s even guaranteed to look new 5 or 10 years down the road! How many manufacturers can give that kind of assurance on their products? Actually very few come to our minds. The wooden house will absolutely fall prey to the elements, it may take a year or two, but down the road cracks, splits and warping are inevitable. And heaven forbid a pesky squirrel decides he likes the house enough to chew on it! We’re not knocking the wood version because it really is a great copy, it’s just a well know fact that with any wooden item left outdoors over time-Mother Nature and the elements will take their toll.

    Making an investment in your landscape, be it for curb appeal, the birds, or both shouldn’t cause heartache down the road. Know what you’re purchasing, where it’s made, and any guarantees that come with it… regardless of the item. Please support USA made and keep small business in business.

    Oh yeah, which is which? The one on the right is durable vinyl and proudly made in the USA 🙂

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    Get your lovebird the perfect gift…a Copper Roof Birdhouse

    Roses are redBright Copper Roof Birdhouse with Curly Ribbon Accent
    Violets are blue
    Get a Copper Roof Birdhouse
    She’ll be all over you!
    No, no, no.

    Valentines Gift ExtraordinaireRoses are red
    Violets are blue
    Do something different this year,
    Splurge on a gift for both of you.

    A copper roof birdhouse-just lovely in the yard
    Better than chocolates, most contain lard!
    In pretty white vinyl that looks like woodPatina Copper roof Birdhouse with four compartments
    More folks would have one if they only could.

    Quality crafted right here in the USA
    In 20 years this house looks like the very first day.
    Because birds will be nesting real soon around here
    Declare your love, lift your glass, and toast spring is near!

    And up north birds will start nesting before you know
    By the way, that copper’s sure got a beautiful glow!
    Natural nest spots are limited, competition is tough,
    Helping birds raise babies makes it not as rough!

    Watch out for predators and house sparrows too
    Martins and Bluebirds especially depend on you.Stately 12 Room Copper Roof Birdhouse
    For if you’re a landlord and offering birds space
    Successful fledges are the goal from your place.

    So back to Valentine’s Day and that unique gift for two,
    Make it lasting and special, a copper roof birdhouse will do!