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    Get Copper Roof Birdhouses on Sale through Monday

    copper roof birdhouses rock as holiday giftsGift idea #26: Give shiny

    You’ve had your eye on one for some time and know they’d love it, but a bit uncomfortable with the price tag. Now’s a great time to take the leap – we’ll guarantee you’ll be quite pleased! With a proven track record over the years, our copper roof birdhouses and feeders are simply stunning with superb quality. Bird-approved, these fine structures will grace the landscape with timeless elegance for many years to come.

    And we know this from customer feedback and testimonials, plus having 110% confidence in our product! Never replace this birdhouse, never paint it, never fix it! Vinyl PVC will not split, mildew, rot or warp (that’s part of the beauty). Solid copper roof uses brass rivets, even the finial is a composite resin to ensure long-lasting beauty with no deterioration.architectural copper roof birdhouse with single entry and verde finish

    Stately in size and stature, even the smaller range commands attention with their clean architectural design. Basically customizable, each copper roof bird house comes with perches or copper portals (predator guards) and classic or verde roof finish. Vinyl decorative brackets are attached on most styles. The mounting bracket which is also vinyl/PVC, slides right on a 4×4 post. How easy is that?

    The best part… they’re on sale and ship for zip! Save 10% on any size (20% on estate sizes) through Monday Dec.1 at midnight EST. Use promo code MC10 at checkout to nab these great savings and to give a most impressive holiday gift this year!


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    How Could One Possibly Lose a Copper Roof Birdhouse?

    how could one lose a copper roof birdhouse this large?They’re fairly large, actually big, so how could one of these just disappear? The mystery began two months after it shipped, when tracking showed delivered, but Teresa insisted there was no package.

    And why would one wait that long anyway? A Mother’s Day gift that shipped in May, the issue hadn’t come to light until July! When her kids kept asking if she received the copper roof birdhouse, Teresa was just too busy with more pressing matters.

    So when she finally called us, but FedEx insisted it was delivered… we were a bit befuddled. Teresa said they’ve never had anything stolen from the porch, and that you can’t see the residence from the street because the driveway is 300 feet long. Needless to say we drove the FedEx rep crazy with requests for a claim. Nightmare.

    Then one day we received a package out of the blue, but no, it wasn’t the birdhouse. It was one pound of Michigan dried cherries, three jars of some outlandish hot fudge, a box of french soap, and a really nice card… from Teresa! Turns out the birdhouse was there all along, but she thought it was the high chair she had ordered for her grand daughter. It wasn’t until the big company selling the chair notified her that it was out of stock – two months after she had ordered it. The light went off… she had her birdhouse all along. For our troubles (and oh there were several) she sent us a gift, along with a phone call and explanation. What a huge relief!A gift for the troubles of locating the not at all missing copper roof birdhouse

    It’s not the first time we’ve actually received gifts from our customers. Because we’re small, we do much more than just sell a birdhouse. We make it an experience, by personalizing things, following through and knowing our customer is thrilled. From the largest copper birdhouses… to the smallest chickadee house, that’s just how we believe business should be done.

    The dried cherries were to die for, and the other two jars of fudge? Long gone before the pic was snapped!

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    Why Go USA made on this copper roof birdhouse?

    copper roof birdhouse knock-off does not endure over time USA made copper roof birdhouse is durable vinyl and guaranteed to last

    In the spirit of the Labor Day holiday, we say go USA.Labor Day and USA Made Copper Roof Birdhouses

    Most times it’s true, you really do get what you pay for from a quality perspective. Although these two stunning birdhouses appear identical, they are not. Looks can be so deceiving!

    One is proudly crafted in the USA (in a mom & pop shop-supporting American jobs and our own economy) while the other is a mass produced knock-off from overseas. Can you tell the difference? Barley noticeable just by looking at the images, right?

    Both seem to have identical features, from the finial down to the decorative brackets… great knock-off, huh? The main feature that sets this copper roof birdhouse apart is the basic material: vinyl versus wood. Bet you still can’t really see the difference! That’s because the vinyl one made in the USA is such superb quality… it looks like wood! We’ve even had a customer or two over the years call us with concerns that their order was for a vinyl house – but they received a wooden one!

    Sure the price tag is higher for the vinyl version, but it’s guaranteed to last because it’s impervious to weather and insects. In fact it’s even guaranteed to look new 5 or 10 years down the road! How many manufacturers can give that kind of assurance on their products? Actually very few come to our minds. The wooden house will absolutely fall prey to the elements, it may take a year or two, but down the road cracks, splits and warping are inevitable. And heaven forbid a pesky squirrel decides he likes the house enough to chew on it! We’re not knocking the wood version because it really is a great copy, it’s just a well know fact that with any wooden item left outdoors over time-Mother Nature and the elements will take their toll.

    Making an investment in your landscape, be it for curb appeal, the birds, or both shouldn’t cause heartache down the road. Know what you’re purchasing, where it’s made, and any guarantees that come with it… regardless of the item. Please support USA made and keep small business in business.

    Oh yeah, which is which? The one on the right is durable vinyl and proudly made in the USA 🙂