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    Add moving water to bird baths

    Water wigglers in bird baths create moving water The absolute best way to entice feathered friends is with water. Fresh water will attract birds who may never use a birdhouse or even visit your feeders. Bird baths have got to be the single most effective way to get more species visiting your yard.

    And if water does the trick so well, think about moving water in your bird baths. It’s an absolute visual magnet for wild birds! If you’re lucky enough to have a pond with fountain or waterfall, or live on a creek, you already know the difference water makes in terms of wildlife-friendly habitat. But if your landscape is dry (like most of us) there are lots of ways to create this moving water. Drippers and water wigglers are wildly popular additions for bird baths, simply because of the all the action they bring. Leaf misters are another great way to create moving water – hummingbirds and especially butterflies love the gentle spray.chickdees at a bird bath with copper dripper

    Here’s a net trick to make bird baths much more enticing, without spending any money at all! This works best with pedestal bird baths, but may also be adapted for hanging or ground bird baths as well. The bath needs to sit under a tree, as the source of slowly dripping water will come from above. Take a gallon milk jug and poke a pin hole in the lower corner, or bottom. Fill the jug with fresh water and tie it to a sturdy branch that’s at least 3 to 5 feet above the bath. Step away and watch the slow dripping create a visual magnet for your feathered friends! One gallon leaking through a pin hole should last at least 10 days before a refill is needed. The moving water really does attract more birds, plus mosquitoes can not lay eggs in moving water. A great project to try out for spring and summer… Happy Birding!hand crafted ceramic pedestal bird bath

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    Add Moving Water to Your Birdbath and Watch the Show!

    A dripper in our birdbath at homeFresh water in a birdbath is by far one of the best ways to entice song birds to your yard. Even those who may not use birdhouses or feeders will usually stop by for a sip or dip! You can count on this, be it extreme summer heat…or frigid winter months, a birdbath is a necessity if you’re trying to attract wild birds to your yard.

    Adding accessories like birdbath drippers, water wigglers or misters works like a visual magnet to birds, the difference is amazing. Moving water attracts birds like you wouldn’t believe! The added benefits are no stagnant water and the water stays cleaner longer. Also, nasty mosquitoes can not lay eggs in moving water.

    In our birdbaths at home, you’ll find two water wigglers and two drippers…our birds love them and we’d never go back to standing water.A water wiggler sits in a planter turned birdbath