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    unique birdbath and matching planter sets

    unique textured birdbath with matching planter is handcrafted from 60% recycled materialsIn all shapes and sizes, all colors and materials, no longer are birdbaths relegated to the mundane, heavy concrete pedestal types. Handcrafted by artists who have a passion for birds, today’s baths are sure to entice some new feathered friends to your place and look great while doing so! Many have matching planters or urns, and when placed in close proximity, they create a unique focal point in any landscape, or garden, porch, deck, or patio!

    Fresh water is the best way to do it, you can really attract birds with nary a feeder or birdhouse. Use a native, flowering plant in the pot and you’ve got a food source!

    Deck baths are quite popular for those with small yards… or no yards at all. You can catch some fantastic views of unassuming birds from inside your home too. Hanging baths offer birds protection should ground predators lurk around your home (cats).

    The set shown above is light-weight & durable, and hand crafted from 60% recycled materials. The organic shape and textured design are cool enough to display them inside as decorative accent pieces… but the birds really won’t appreciate that at all!

    Hand painted birdbath and matching planter features perching Goldfinches

    Hand painted birdbaths serve as functional art for the garden, and this Goldfinch bath and planter are no exception. Crafted from fine clay, they may be a bit heavier than some of the recycled materials, or poly-stone resin baths, but nowhere near the weight of concrete.

    Some folks wonder “what’s the best birdbath to get?” It is by far, the one you will maintain! Fresh water is a must, and it’s the only thing you have to do… keep it clean! So think about what will be easiest for you, because the birds will use and enjoy any fresh water source you provide!

    Wait… no deeper than 2-3 inches, it’s the optimal depth for birds to bathe and wade safely. If the bowl is deeper, just don’t fill it to the top. A large rock may be placed in the center for birds to land and perch as well.

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    cool bird baths meld with nature

    Natural materials and elements create  unique bird baths to meld with nature.Elements found in the natural world are sometimes those that create a most unique setting or focal point in the landscape. Trends even point toward man-made items using recycled materials which create a finished piece that imitates nature herself. Most common in textile design, it’s spreading to all sorts of products these days.

    Of these two unique bird baths, one is wood, and one is handcrafted using 60% recycled materials. Can you tell which is which? Actually, it’s pretty amazing stuff!

    The first bath is teak, and you may think: Teak? Yes, because of the durable properties, and denseness of the wood, it makes for a really cool bird bath (no pun intended). Birds bathe naturally at ground level, and this beauty, complete with non-toxic sealant, provides an excellent water source to entice feathered friends. It’s simply gorgeous in the landscape, and durable just like that high-end teak furniture we all dream of having!

    You'd swear these unique bird baths were really tree parts!Now this is the bird bath that’s hand made using mostly recycled materials, but you’d absolutely swear it was cut from a huge old tree! The shape, texture, and color all say this is a piece of tree… but it’s not!

    Any ground bath may be placed on a deck for great close up views of your birds. An old tree stump is ideal for placing one too. A plant stand, or even an interesting planter all make perfect choices for supporting a ground bath.

    By the way, fresh water really is the best way to attract more birds, especially with the terrible heat and drought that’s plagued most of the country this summer. Just keep water fresh… and the birds will come!

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    a different spin on bird baths

    Butterfly Puddlers serve as bird baths and more for wildlifeWater has got to be the most effective way to attract more birds… and wildlife in general. If you think outside the box with bird baths, there’s really so much more out there than just your standard pedestals or hanging models. Bird baths come in all shapes and sizes, and ground bird baths will attract way more than just birds.

    Here in the Southeast we’re experiencing the usual summer drought, with unusually high temperatures. Mid-June actually feels like August… it’s just brutal 🙁 I feel for anyone in the landscaping business or nurseries as their season was cut extremely short this year. Most pastures are looking like the outback-brown and crunchy.

    Our yard features two leaf misters that emit a gentle spray for most of the day. This butterfly puddler is set below one of the misters and allows water to collect and “puddle”. All plants grow full and lush around the misters too. Seems this little guy has found cooling refuge from the extreme heat and beating sun. Butterflies, hummingbirds, frogs, lizards and so many others will frequent these kinds of shallow ground baths. Birds tend to bathe naturally at ground level, so it’s a most popular spot for them too.

    When considering bird baths for your yard… next time think outside the box!