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Large Capacity nyjer feeder won’t “go mushy” at the bottom

Its great when cool stuff comes along that really works! This innovative nyjer feeder is unlike any other in the way it distributes the seed. Instead of one large tube with lots of perches, The Finches Favorite 3-Tube Nyjer Feeder operates on a horizontal principle. Typically, seed sitting at the bottom of a finch or nyjer feeder does just that… it sits there and molds – then it starts to stink! And then your finches will stop visiting.

With the cost of thistle/nyjer seed these days (some refer to it as black gold) who can afford the waste? Not only does it make great sense as far as seed staying fresh longer… but all 36 birds will be in full view when this feeders’ perches are occupied. That’s a pretty impressive statement, and an even more fantastic sight to behold!

Nyjer is also unlike any other birdseed or seed mix. Its non-germinating property means no weeds sprouting, and squirrels usually leave these feeders in peace! If you feed thistle year-round, Goldfinches’ electric yellow plumage will grace the yard in summer. If you already offer thistle in your yard, an extra feeder is always helpful during Goldfinches’  busy season. The babies are fed nyjer almost exclusively. Goldfinches have one of the latest nesting seasons, so it’s not too late! Don’t forget the fresh water too, birds are drawn to this life force year-round.

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