Bird Feeders,  Tube Bird Feeder

It takes all kinds…at a tube bird feeder!

Goldfinches and Purple Finch at the Tube Bird FeederOf all the different seeds available for wild bird feeding, it seems a basic mixed seed attracts a good variety of birds. With a mixed seed in a tube bird feeder, you can expect to see all kinds!

Goldfinches and a Purple Finch share this tube bird feeder in harmony. Only seconds later, thisĀ  juvenile Blue Jay stopped by for a bite to eat too.

Pretty nondescript, it’s your basic tube model. But there are some really cool tube bird feeders hand crafted by artisans, in ceramics and stoneware. The natural-themes in fun designs and sometimes vivid colors can tend to add a great focal point in the garden or landscape.

So if you’re looking to add another feeder, or a first feeder to entice feathered friends… consider a tube bird feeder for a good variety of visitors!Blue Jay on a Tube Bird Feeder

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