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    It takes all kinds…at a tube bird feeder!

    Goldfinches and Purple Finch at the Tube Bird FeederOf all the different seeds available for wild bird feeding, it seems a basic mixed seed attracts a good variety of birds. With a mixed seed in a tube bird feeder, you can expect to see all kinds!

    Goldfinches and a Purple Finch share this tube bird feeder in harmony. Only seconds later, this  juvenile Blue Jay stopped by for a bite to eat too.

    Pretty nondescript, it’s your basic tube model. But there are some really cool tube bird feeders hand crafted by artisans, in ceramics and stoneware. The natural-themes in fun designs and sometimes vivid colors can tend to add a great focal point in the garden or landscape.

    So if you’re looking to add another feeder, or a first feeder to entice feathered friends… consider a tube bird feeder for a good variety of visitors!Blue Jay on a Tube Bird Feeder

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    The Savvy Spiral Tube Bird Feeder

    tube bird feeder with spiral runWith so many choices in wild bird feeders these days, it’s kinda difficult to decide what type to buy. There are standard hopper feeders, which tend to hold larger capacities, and platform feeders, for offering a variety of foods to birds. Fly-thru feeders are generally platforms with roofs to protect birds and food from the elements. You have suet feeders and meal worm feeders, then of course there are the popular tube feeders.

    Tube bird feeders are wonderful for attracting many species, but one problem with them is limited perches or feeding ports. They usually allow only a certain number of birds to feed at once. Two, four, maybe six ports on most models. The spiral tube feeders accommodate more birds, as the designs allows for the whole tube to be accessed for food. Birds love to “run” the spiral and it makes for a great show too! These spiral feeders are available for thistle seed, (or nyjer) for feeding finches, peanuts for feeding jays, woodpeckers nuthatches, and for standard seed mixes too. The powder coat construction ensures many seasons of use, by feathered friends and human hosts alike.

    And if you’re new to the great hobby of backyard birding, we can’t stress enough the importance of water. This is by far the best attractor for wild birds to your place. Fresh water in a bird bath will entice many more wild birds than just feeders alone. Especially in winter, a heated bath can be a life saver for many feathered friends!

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    A Jay at the Tube Birdfeeder…Strange?

    A friend sent this great photo last week of a small Blue Jay at their tube birdfeeder. First I thought “what a great photo” then started thinking about some oddities in my own yard. You just don’t usually see a Blue Jay at a  tube birdfeeder? This crazy, cold weather has most birds eating just about anything to stay warm! Almost every bird is eating suet right now, and my bluebirds are eating peanuts too.

    Yesterday at the park while walking the dog, the local ducks were accosting people for food! Not having anything to feed, I felt terrible and ran to the hardware store for a bag of cracked corn. Asking the sales lady “I wonder what else the ducks would eat, she gave me 72 hot dog rolls from store room! Asking if they’d eat the bread, I said sure…they’re pretty hungry right now, I think they’ll eat anything! Sure enough all gathered around for a feeding frenzy.

    The cold weather can be on its way now…I’m ready for spring, nesting seson, and the natural order of things!