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    Entice Songbirds to the Smallest Spaces with a Hanging Bird Bath

    Even the smallest deck or balcony can entice birds with a hanging bird bathIt doesn’t take a gigantic yard to have to have colorful birds visiting! Good ol’ H2O is the easiest, most cost-effective way to attract feathered friends to your place… even to your balcony, patio, porch, or small deck. Adding a hanging bird bath may fit the bill for you – it certainly will for the birds!

    Vivid colors and fun designs abound for use as stylish decor to brighten up a boring area. They’re versatile for use as a feeder in frigid weather too, accommodating just about anything from seed mixes, to suet, to peanuts. Good stuff for birds in winter!

    The bath needn’t be monster size either, as we’ve seen birds perch and drink from tiny ant moats. So petite size bowls also work fabulously for offering fresh water. And that’s the trick – keeping the water fresh at all times.Stained glass and copper mini hanging bird bath will last a lifetime!

    This unique stained glass and copper mini bath comes in six fun designs and is sure to attract some avian amigos to your place! It’s reasonably priced under $25 too.

    Lame post? Well maybe so, but this shut-down crap has us in a tizzy! Not only a detriment to the economy… it’s a huge disgrace as the US is now the laughing stock of the world!squirrel lays down

    If you or I laid down on the job, we’d be fired! Shame on these elected officials! Nationagovt-shutdown-yellowstonel parks are closed to visitors, but not to logging or special interests? Hey, at least bison get a break from hazing-courtesy of our National Fish and Wildlife Service. Enough to make one puke 🙁

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    Groovy Aged Copper Free-form Birdbath & Planter

    cool design of this piece lends itself to both birdbath & planter Shape… it’s all about cool designs and what you can do with them!

    This aged copper free-form bowl is quite unique with its asymmetrical and flowing shape. A graceful form that imitates nature, it was just one of those “gotta have its”.

    Originally we set it up as a bird bath and added some blue and green sea glass for a nice contrast with the flamed copper interior. The chunky pieces also help trap sediments at the bath’s bottom, and provide safer footing for birds.

    Recalling at the Atlanta show, the bowl was actually shown as a planter, soTurquoise sea glass helps trap sediments and provides contrast in this birdbath & planter we billed it birdbath & planter. It was displayed with succulents and sheet moss, but almost any plants work. A bit of Spanish moss lends itself nicely to the design as well.

    Oh yeah, and check the copper birdhouse to round out the set. Functional art for the garden, this birdbath & planter makes for a most unusual focal point. The bird home also provides a great roosting spot during the off season.

    unique copper birdhouse matches this birdbath & planterAnd since October is already here, be sure to clean out all old nests in your birdhouses at home. Easiest way is using a plastic grocery bag (make sure there’s no holes), reach in and grab the nest, turn the bag inside-out so you never touch the nest. Discard in the trash, away from the birdhouse as the nest will draw predators.

    These shelters may be used by other birds for roosting as colder weather approaches. And by all means, don’t give up on your birdbath either when temperatures drop. Birds require fresh water especially in winter-when many of their natural sources tend to freeze. Consider adding a heater to your bath and watch feathered friends flock to your yard, even on the dreariest of winter days!

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    use bird seed trays for clean feeding areas

    bird seed trays keep feeding areas cleanNo doubt about it, nasty old seed on the ground can attract some uninvited guests. It’s also an eyesore, as well as a moldy bacteria-breeding ground for wild birds.

    Kind of sad when folks give up on feeding beaked buddies because rats have entered the picture. Good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! Several options provide for cleaner feeding areas, with little to no ground mess at all. It’s healthier for your local birds too.

    Start by using a no-waste seed mix, or sunflower hearts. You can bet every morsel will be devoured with no “picking through” and discarding the filler seed – which is usually what ends up on the ground anyway. If your big bag of cheap birdseed was a bargain… think again.

    Suet is a fantastic idea for a no-mess food choice… none of this will end up on the ground. You can even make your own with some fairly simple ingredients, and it’s perfect for cool weather and winter feeding because of high protein and fat content. The extra calories help birds stay warm by providing an energy boost!

    Adding bird seed trays or seed catchers below your feeders also deters unwanted ground visitors. Adjustable styles like the Seed Hoop fit practically any feeder out there! The large 30-inch diameter model can even be pole mounted, meaning that if your feeder sits on a pole, the seed tray can go right over it to nestle below the feeder. Just cut a slit in the center and slide the tray right over said pole.

    One bit of advice for this installation: Add some duct tape around the slit. Over the years that center slit has enlarged itself on our seed tray, simply from removing and replacing it for cleaning. These are an awesome alternative for keeping ground areas below feeders clean. And as added bonus, the large platform may also attract some new feathered friends who’ve never used your feeders before. Try one and see who visits… no need to give up on your birds!