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    Add a Squirrel Baffle to Save Seed and Money!

    squirrel baffle

    If you’re tired of pesky squirrels raiding bird feeders, stealing seed, and making messes, it might be a good time to invest a few bucks in a squirrel baffle.

    When used properly, baffles really work in deterring squirrels and keeping them out of feeders.  They’re available in hanging styles, pole-mount, or even post-mounted styles too.  So, no matter what type of feeder you may be using, there is a baffle to accommodate it.

    squirrel baffle

    The one thing to remember is feeder placement, as squirrels can jump like crazy! If your feeder is pole, or post mounted, the bottom of the baffle should be at least 4 feet from the ground.  If you have a hanging bird feeder, squirrel’s horizontal jumping can thwart your efforts if the feeder is not placed at lesquirrel baffleast 8 feet away from any possible “launch spot”.

    This goes for pole mounted feeders too.  Remember, squirrels can jump high and sideways! Place all feeders with baffles far enough away from any possible “launch site” and you’ll achieve success at deterring squirrels from feeders.

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    Nesting Material Made for Hummingbirds

    nesting materials

    If you enjoy feeding, and watching the antics of hummingbirds, there’s another way to attract even more of them.  Hanging nesting material designed specifically for the tiny jewels will encourage them to nest in your yard, allowing you more opportunities to view hummers and fledgelings too.  Since hummingbirds practice site fidelity, they’ll likely return year after year to the same spot to breed and rear the babies.

    nesting material

    Hummer Helper Nest Kits are nesting material kits that have even been endorsed by The Hummingbird Society.  It’s an attractive red basket with hanging chain that has refills available.  Other birds like Goldfinches and Titmice will use the nest matierial to build their nests as well.  Encourage hummingbirds and others to nest nearby by offering this great little package to fether their nest!

    nesting material

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    Home Made Bird Nesting Materials

    bird nesting materialsYou can attract more wild birds by adding nesting materials in your yard – of course birds will need a proper place to build their nest too, such as trees, brush or thicket.  In fact, there’s a better chance of attracting a greater variety of species, as many birds do not frequent bird feeders, or use birdhouses.

    Commercial bird nesting materials are available in many different packages, like balls, wreaths, and baskets.  You can make your own nest ball for next to nothing, by using items found around the house.  Dryer lint works well, combined with yarn strings, and even pet hair.  Mosses used for container decor are a favorite as well.  Simply gather materials and place in a mesh bag, like the kind found in the produce department at the grocery store.  Hang from a tree limb or somewhere where birds can see it easily.

    This nest ball was a huge hit with our birds. The hair is from my horse’s tail, and the birds went to town with it!  After 2 days, we could see where the hair had been pulled through the bag.  Unfortunately, we can’t find the nests because we have so many trees!