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Nesting Material Made for Hummingbirds

nesting materials

If you enjoy feeding, and watching the antics of hummingbirds, there’s another way to attract even more of them.  Hanging nesting material designed specifically for the tiny jewels will encourage them to nest in your yard, allowing you more opportunities to view hummers and fledgelings too.  Since hummingbirds practice site fidelity, they’ll likely return year after year to the same spot to breed and rear the babies.

nesting material

Hummer Helper Nest Kits are nesting material kits that have even been endorsed by The Hummingbird Society.  It’s an attractive red basket with hanging chain that has refills available.  Other birds like Goldfinches and Titmice will use the nest matierial to build their nests as well.  Encourage hummingbirds and others to nest nearby by offering this great little package to fether their nest!

nesting material

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