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    Built In Birdhouse Camera

    birdhouse camera

    birdhouse camera

    A room with a view!

    Some birdhouses now come equipped with their own cameras installed…a wonderful way to view the secret lives of cavity dwelling birds.  This recycled bluebird house is an example of a deluxe nesting box…the Ritz Carlton for Bluebirds!  Durable, recycled materials are guaranteed to never rot, split, crack, or fade.  The bottom has a raised screen to prevent blowfly infestation, and there is a vertical screen to help chicks climb out and fledge!

    The birdhouse camera allows you to witness the complete nesting cycle, from building the nest, laying the eggs, hatching, rearing and fledging.  They make great educational tools as well as entertainment. View all this in the comfort of your home.  You can help wild birds to thrive and flourish by adding nest boxes, adding the cameras are just a great perk for us too!

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    Follow a Birdhouse Cam

    birdhouse cam

    Thanks to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, folks who might not have the opportunity to view nest cams can do so!  Great videos available on their website, plus a Twitter site devoted soley to nest cams, appropriately named…”Nest Cams”.

    A birdhouse cam allows us to view nesting habits, eggs hatching, and the rearing of nestlings inside the birdhouse with no hinderence to birds.  Amazing technology that’s actually been around for a while, more popular now with mainstream and backyard birders.  Bring the outdoors into your living room – get great entertainment and educational value for kids and adults alike!

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    Secret World: Bird Watching Camera

    bird watching camera

    There are some marvels of nature that we usually just aren’t privy to.  The birth of the tiniest birds, and some of the weird and wonderful behaviors and actions of our feathered friends!  But with a bird watching camera, a secret world is revealed, a whole new realm to be explored and enjoyed by backyard birders.

    Bird Cams allow you to watch from humdreds of feet away, in the comfort of your home. The cameras come with sensitive built in microphones that let you hear what’s going on inside, as well as outside the birdhouse.  By leaving the camera on, you’ll be amazed at the many bird songs, calls and other wildlife chatter that will be heard right in your home.  It brings a whole new meaning to the term “home entertainment” –   Better reality TV than some of the shows out there!