Urgent Appeal for Haiti

Getting immediate help is crucial if we are to save thousands from certain death
Houston, TX, January 16, 2010 – Frank McKinney and his non-profit organization CHPF are so much more than just a charity providing homes for the people of Haiti – they offer hope and the means to become self-sustaining, thus allowing the people to retain their dignity.  Well-known for creating multi-million dollar real-estate masterpieces, McKinney also ‘gives back’ by making generous donations to this worthy cause from the sale of these mansions.

Since all non-military flights were being denied access into Port-au-Prince, McKinney and his team of doctors, paramedics, firefighters and other team members specifically trained in search, rescue and extraction techniques, never gave up until they received clearance to land, becoming the first American Emergency Relief Team to arrive on the scene.  They immediately set up their site operations relief camp and have been working diligently since their arrival last night, joining in with fifteen other countries and international teams in an organized relief effort.

Since speed is of the essence if lives are to be saved in the critical search and rescue window of opportunity, McKinney and his team will work towards obtaining whatever supplies are needed but they cannot do this alone – they desperately need your help in order to get these people on their feet, their lives restored, and their villages rebuilt.

McKinney has provided a list of the most necessary items needed to aid the victims.  These are:

1) Search, rescue and extraction equipment
2) Medical and triage supplies
3) Food, water and blankets
4) Communications (phone/video)
5) Manpower
6) Donations

McKinney and his team are appealing to Americans and their inherent generosity to give whatever they can to help the poor people of Haiti whose homes and entire lives have been wiped out!  Please go to http://www.frank-mckinney.com/donate.aspx for information on donating, or call 1- 561-722-3950.  Any amount, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated in this mammoth effort to save the lives of survivors of this catastrophe.

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