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Convert Baths into heated bird baths in winter

cool deck-mount baths that convert to heated bird bathsAs if it’s not hot enough outside, here’s one on heated bird baths.

Most of the newer materials used today for bird baths will accommodate heaters, converting them to heated bird baths. True, that in the dead of summer, nobody is really thinking about wild birds in winter, but this precious resource is sometimes scarce for our feathered friends.

A fresh water sourceĀ  is a necessity for birds year-round, and Mother Nature can be just as brutal in winter as she is in sweltering summer months.

Accessories like bird bath drippers and water wigglers keep bath water from becoming stagnaa dripper can be swapped for heater in winter to create great heated bird bathsnt. They actually help keep water fresher by constant movement. This movement is also a visual magnet for birds! Take one cool bird bath, like this deck-mount mode above, and change accessories with seasons for maximum wild bird attraction!

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