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Try A Seed Tray to Prevent Ground Mess

seed trayA versatile little wild bird accessory, the seed tray is usually overlooked and under estimated!

If you’re tired of the mess below bird feeders, including sprouting weeds, take a closer look at this.  A seed tray that is adjustable to any hanging bird feeder.  Available in two sizes: a 16-inch diameter for globe shape or tube feeders hung from poles or shepherds hooks, and a 30-inch diameter for larger hanging feeders.  They’re called SeedHoops, and are made from durable PVC mesh and nylon.

The great thing about this type of seed tray is that it actually “adds an extra feeder” by creating a platform where spilled seed accumulates.  Additional birds who may not eat from the feeder itself will venture onto this generous feeding area to feast on spilled birdseed.  By saving seed, you save money too!

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