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Protect Holiday Seed Treats with a squirrel baffle or rain guard

a rain guard or squirrel baffle will protect holiday treats from the elementsHoliday birdseed treats are most popular this time of year as they add a festive touch outdoors and definitely help the birds in cold weather. But think twice about hanging an open food source with no protection from the elements. A customer recently told us she hung her seed wreath on an iron post in front of her house. Well, there was a torrential rain that night, and the wreath broke off it’s hanger. It proceeded to fall in the puddle below and sat there all night, turning to mush 🙁

These holiday ornaments for the birds don’t come so cheap… that’s why it’s use a squirrel baffle when hanging bird seed ornamentsbest to protect them from the elements. Using an ordinary hanging squirrel baffle works, and so does a rain guard. They come in clear plastic, so they won’t detract from the decorative aspect of the seed ornament itself. Hey, some are even available in red or green too.

Another alternative would be to hang these seed treats in a sheltered area. A porch or deck that offers some kind of protection from the rain is a good plan. Believe it or not… these cute holiday seed ornaments are quite good for the birds! Many are packed with chopped peanuts, pecans, dried fruit, and sunflower seed, giving birds a high fat and protein-rich treat. The extra calories consumed are converted into energy that helps birds stay warm during frigid temperatures.

squirrel baffles are versatile for all kinds of bird feedersBrrrr… it’s cold outside, so feed the birds in high style this holiday season! Birdseed ornaments make great gift ideas too, but don’t forget the squirrel baffle or weather guard. That can be used well after the holidays, for all kinds of bird feeders, and for many more seasons to come. And oh, by the way, we did send her a replacement wreath with instructions to “protect from the elements.” 🙂

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