One woman’s seemingly endless battle…


One woman’s seemingly endless battle to save innocent animals from vicious acts of cruelty or instant death by electrocution

Isla Mujeres, November 5, 2010 – The life of cats and dogs on this idyllic island is bleak.  The local government has a despicable solution–population control by electrocution!  Her organization has become one of hope; dedicating itself to rescuing and caring for these abused and discarded animals through spay and neuter clinics, fostering, and adopting.

Alison has spent ten years working with and supporting other rescue groups in the Yucatan. While continually addressing the big picture she has re-housed over four thousand animals, placing them with individuals and rescue groups in the US and Canada.  In 2005 she received the Doris Day Animal Kindred Spirit Award and was invited to the first ‘Forum on Small Animal Over-population’ in Mexico City.

Isla Animal’s programs are run totally on donations. It’s Alison’s goal to educate pet owners and provide them with free services and basic supplies, such as food, flea and tick medication, shampoo, collars, leashes and medical supplies.  On a typical day she has thirty to forty dogs at her house; most of them are sick and scared from a life on the streets – and these are the strong ones!  Islanders drop the dogs off or tie them to her gate, or tourists find them by the side of the road.  It takes time and love to get these animals ready for a good home but Alison is prepared to take care of each and every one until she can send them to a better place.  Isla Mujeres is a tourist destination so the animals are considered unsightly and are eliminated in an effort to create a more pristine vacation destination.  Alison is sure that if tourists knew what was truly going on they would want to do something about it.

Isla Animals desperately needs additional funding so that they may continue their wonderful work.   Donations can be made via check, payable to Alison Sawyer, 1750 30th St., #197, Boulder, CO 80301, with ‘Isla Mujeres Animals’ noted on the check, or directly through PayPal.  Please visit their website at www.islaanimals.org for more information on this incredible organization and how to alleviate the plight of these desperately mistreated animals.

Alison Sawyer Current is also the author of an intriguing novel, No Urn For The Ashes (Bayfire Press Publishing), and generously donates the proceeds from her book sales to further the care of her extended feline and canine family.

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Ascot Media Group is providing public relations services to this humane organization at no charge in their attempt to help these animals in Mexico.

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