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Groovy, Curvy Peanut Bird Feeders~for sunflower seed too

Handcrafted, Curved Screen Peanut Feeder offers all-over feeding spaceIt’s so perfect when any bird feeder does double-duty, as switching things up will entice new visitrs to your yard. Peanuts offer an awesome, high fat and high calorie meal for many species. Titmice, Nuthatches, Jays, Cardinals, Bluebirds in winter, and even more will delight as they dine at shelled peanut bird feeders.

Leaving no ground mess behind, shelled peanuts are easy to feed, and if purchased in bulk, they’re really not that expensive. This handcrafted shelled peanut feeder is a large capacity, all-over feeder. Meaning there’s four sides for birds to cling and eat simultaneously. No waiting around for an open perch, no moldy, yucky peanuts compressed at the bottom of the tube!

Durable and attractive, it’s cedar construction is made to last, enhancing any landscape for many seasons. This cool feeder can hang with the attached coated wire cable, and may also be pole-mounted. Word of caution: use a baffle, because squirrels love peanuts too! Accommodating black oil sunflower seed as well, this large capacity peanut feeder is definitely a keeper!

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