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Give a Bird Book…for any Occasion!

bird book

Although I’ve been doing my backyard birding for some 20+ years, I never really looked into purchasing a bird book.  Trial and error has basically taught me what works and what doesn’t, and through the years you can pretty much identify who comes around.

The 500-page Stokes Field Guide to Birds does however sit on the breakfast room table with a small pair of binoculars.  Catching a glimpse of the rare visitors is fun, but being able to identify them is better!  More time to utilize these would sure be nice, as my bird food expenditures are ridiculous….they eat better than me – everyday!  The yard is like a bird restaurant—buffet style.  Suet, peanuts, sunflower hearts, no-waste seed mix, meal worms, thistle seed, finch mix, bark butter, Bluebird Delight and peanut nuggets…have I forgotten anything? Oh yes, 8 bird baths, 2 misters, 2 water wigglers, and 2 drippers.  Wait, 3 hummingbird feeders, and the squirrel bungee for corn.  This is why I am perpetually late…refills every morning!

Lately, while browsing many categories of bird books, I found myself wanting lots of them!  Bird Food Recipes caught my eye, as did Stokes Guide to Bluebirds, because there is finally a brood of nestlings in my bluebird box. Now I want to learn all things Bluebirds! A bird book makes an excellent and lasting gift for any nature enthusiast, age 4 to 104…so when you’re stumped for a good gift, think bird book!

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