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Blue Bird Houses: Basic Nest Box to Castle!

Nest Box basics to recycled houses, to deluxe architectural models, Blue Bird Houses come in many shapes and sizes!

Blue Bird Housesblue bird housesblue bird houses

Provide bluebirds with their required nest sites and help this iconic species continue to thrive.  Competition for these nesting cavities is still fierce, and by putting up blue bird houses, you can encourage them to nest in your yard.

The best houses are not the most expensive, but the ones which are approved by The North American Bluebird Society. They have proper dimensions and drainage, and usually have some type of predator guard around the entrance. Simple nest boxes, can be acquired for as little as $15 to $20. While the more fancy and decorative models range anywhere from $50 to $400 depending on materials used and level of detail. This patina copper top bluebird house is actually hand crafted of PVC, the same vinyl siding on your house!  These types of houses will never crack, split or fade, and generally last a lifetime.

Nesting material and bird baths will also encourage bluebirds to take up residence, as well as their favorite food: meal worms!

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