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    Blue Bird House for Easter

    Wishing a Happy Easter to All!

    Easter might be considered a family holiday…so its a great time to start putting up birdhouses for feathered friend families as the nesting season is well underway.  In the yard male bluebirds are busy constructing their best nests to attract females in hopes of raising a brood…they’re very family oriented you know!

    Providing a blue bird house for this endearing little bird is well worth the effort. They’re amazing to watch, and if you’re lucky enough to have two broods in one season, you’ll see young bluebirds helping mom and dad with feeding the babies.

    There’s an ultimate blue bird house made from recycled plastic, they call it poly lumber, but the best thing is it’s guaranteed to never crack, split or fade. It has a viewing window to see nestlings, a chew-proof predator guard, screened wall to help the babies fledge, and a raised screen floor to prevent blowfly infestation for birds’ health. With a pretty blue roof, it will last a lifetime, and if properly placed, will host many successful broods of which you can be proud.

    Add a bird bath, some live meal worms, and you’ve got the winning combination for a bluebird family in your yard!

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    One Heck of a Bluebird House!

    bluebird house

    What would make this bluebird house so special?

    Aside from the handsome architectural details, this house is constructed similar to the ones people live in…it’s vinyl! PVC, just like the vinyl siding used on residences, it withstands elements and lasts a lifetime. These bluebird houses are manufactured on a CNC router to ensure absolute precision and quality. Bluebirds nesting here will never experience leaky roofs or drafty walls. With a cypress shingle roof and copper portal, the look and feel are high quality.

    The other great advantage with this high quality bluebird house is the vinyl sleeve post that’s included. It’s meant to streamline the look of the house, while fitting over any standard 4 x 4 post.  And with the cellular expanded PVC board, there’s never any worries of rotting, cracking, splitting or fading…guaranteed!

    PS: Don’t forget fresh water for bluebirds, critical through winter. They’re more likely to stick around for nesting season if you provide heated bath water for them now.

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    A Great Blue Bird House School Project

    blue bird house

    Recently I came across this article and thought it was a brilliant idea for a 4th grade class elementary school project. Worthy of posting to let as many as possible know about it, 70 bluebird houses were added to a community!  This project taught many lessons, including bluebird conservation.

    Atlas of Student Action for the Planet


    Bluebird Houses

    Forty-nine students built 70 bluebird houses to hang throughout the neighborhood. The wood was provided by the EPA and was cut by a wonderful volunteer. We then had a great day doing a multitude of math activities based on the geometry of the pieces and then assembled them in the classroom with a variety of electric screwdrivers and hammers. Each kid went home with one blue bird house to put in their own yard and we put up the extras around the school and the surrounding community. We had a blast!

    Goodwin School, 4th Grade
    Storrs, CT, USA

    Cantara / Toffenetti

    Anne Rash