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Attract More Songbirds with Water

Attract more birds with water
Attract more birds with water

Water is an excellent attractor for any type of bird.  No matter the species, or their individual food preferences, water is is must, a necessity for life.  Water can be provided in many ways for birds and other wildlife.  By creating a small pool or pond in your yard, you can offer this life-sustaining element for very little cost–and the impact is big!

A bird bath placed in a sheltered area is an optimal spot for songbirds, providing a dependable water source.  Birds not only drink water, but must bathe to keep feathers clean and free of parasites, which keeps them in proper working condition.

Birdbaths are available in a multitude of styles and colors, ranging from hanging to pedestal, and deck-mounted models for a close up viwing experience. Be it glass, ceramics, copper, resin or a stone, a bird bath provides life-sustaining water, and will attract the most species of wild birds.

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