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all seasons wren casita edible birdhouse

A bird Feeder for any season, the edible birdhouse is useful year-roundScorching temperatures and lack of rain have left most of the country in the dust-literally. For wildlife, these extended conditions prove to be daunting. It’s difficult to find food and water, and even more critical when raising young. Birds in our yard have actually been taking seed from feeders to feed fledgelings, Cardinals and Thrashers to be exact. Mother Nature’s device of “survival of the fittest” is in full swing this summer.

So as far as feeding birds in summer… why wouldn’t you? Food sources are scarce, and supplemental feeding may mean the difference between life or death for some baby birds.

This edible birdhouse provides seeds for lots of resident songbirds. If protected from the elements and squirrels, it should last a while. And even if the seed goes faster than anticipated, you’re left with a real wren house that provides a perfect nesting site for next season. The wooden house beneath the seed may be stained, painted, or left natural. During the “off-season”, the house makes for a great roosting spot too. Appropriately named the “All-Seasons Wren Casita” it makes a fantastic gift for any birder or nature enthusiast… or even for yourself!

Be kind to wildlife and offer fresh water if you’re in a drought-stricken area. A shallow bowl of water makes a swell birdbath, even a plant saucer is great. Just keep water fresh and birds will come!

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