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A Tube Birdfeeder: Perch or Cling?

Tube Birdfeeder-ClingTo Perch or Cling?  Tube feeders come in a multitude of styles, accommodating nyjer seed, peanuts, and most birdseed mixes.  Depending on what birds you’re looking to attract, and what you’re feeding should dictate  the type of tube birdfeeder you’ll use.

For attracting Goldfinches with Thistle or Nyjer seed, both types of feeders work well.  The advantage to a clinging-type feeder is that more feeding space is available, you’ll likely see more birds at the feeder at one time.

If you’re looking to attract multiple species with Black Oil Sunflower seed for example, a tube feeder with perches will allow each bird its own space.Tube Birdfeeder-Perch Both types of work well, the important thing is to keep fresh food available, and keep feeders clean to prevent the spread of bacteria among gathering birds in your yard.

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