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    Hey Atlanta… Copper Roof Birdhouses Make Killer Valentine’s Gifts!

    copper roof birdhouses from small to largeHappen to be local around Atlanta?
    Then you’re in
    luck for the best Valentine’s Day gift ever!

    Special Valentine's Day Gift

    Appropriate for him, for her, and of course the birds, our copper roof birdhouses are simply stunning and superb quality… and we’ll even deliver the larger ones personally- with discounts available (but you gotta call us first).

    Post-mounted with majestic appearance, the real beauty lies in their PVC construction. Although these birdhouses and feeders look like wood… you’ll find none is used. The decorative brackets are vinyl and the finial is a composite resin. It means these fine bird abodes will never split, crack, rot, fade or mildew. Impervious to insect damage too, all roofs lift easily for either nest removal or filling the feeders. Complete with drainage and ventilation for cozy nests, they’re virtually maintenance-free! We can even save you on the handsome post cover too- just ask!

    Make this Valentine’s Day super special with a copper roof birdhouse that’s guaranteed to last for life. Available from bluebird to martin size (estate)- which does require some space. By the way, martin scouts have been spotted in northern FL, filtering into GA, AL and SC already. Come on Spring!

    Flowers are nice but it’s not too late for something great. Show some love with an architectural birdhouse for the landscape. It adds curb appeal and promises to have birds, neighbors and your special Valentine saying wow!

    A Valentine's gift for each other-Copper Roof Birdhouse


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    Unique Birdhouses Show Love for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine's Day GiftStumped for something different this Valentine’s Day? Forget the flowers…they die in a few days. Chocolates are gone in a few days too, plus they make ya fat. Think of your feathered friends who visit daily and give those great little moments of escape when you take the time to watUnique Birdhousesch them. Their sweet songs and vibrant plumage allows some of life’s simple pleasures for nature lovers and birders.

    Spring isn’t too far off and nesting season will start again, the cycle of life. Help out feathered friends by providing shelter for roosting and places to raise their young. Unique birdhouses make wonderful and long lasting gifts that will be used year after year. They give back to nature Unique Birdhousesby providing real, and much needed nesting sites for wild birds.

    Totally fun and functional, the designs are some of the most unusual you’ve ever seen, with clean outs and proper drainage, they’re nest sites your birds would be proud to call home!