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    from burbs to city with decorative bird houses

    you can attract birds in the city too with decorative bird housesSome “birder” folks in big cities face a challenge when it comes to attracting desirable songbirds. It seems an unwelcome, furry rodent type, better known as the rat-is usually attracted to fallen seed and ground waste. But by no means do you have to abandon the birds!

    Feeding suet leaves no waste or ground mess, and water in a birdbath are both effective, easy, and economical methods to entice birds. Oh… and let’s not forget birdhouses, because even in the city, birds need roosting spots and nesting cavities.

    Kelle Frymire faced this dilemma when she moved from the suburbs of Chicago to the big city. With a suggestion from her long time friend and landscaper, Rocque Emlong, it was decided that decorative bird houses would be used to lure feathered friends. His creative idea spawned an almost magical tale, a display bringing smiles to many people, both young and old! Not just one or two houses… but 20-30 decorative bird houses (that actually look like birds) adorn an ancient oak tree next to Kelle’s house.
    An old oak tree hosts lots decorative bird houses providing roosting and nesting sites for city birds

    Hand carved decorative bird houses bring this old oak tree to life, with such character and charm that the neighbors delight, and local kids insist on saying “hi” to the birds on a daily basis! Some of the birdhouses sit suspended in animation between the the tree itself and the residence, usingĀ monofilament. The wooden birdhouses provide roosting spots on cold nights, and yes… even nesting cavities in early spring, You can read the full story on this magical creation here.

    Birdhouses that look like birds? You bet! From Bobbo, Inc, these decorative bird houses are hand carved in Indonesia, using a quick-growth & renewable resource called Albesia wood. The houses are completethese decorative bird houses are hand carved from renewable albesia wood with clean-outs and provide a perfect nest site for your avian amigos… with a very unique character all their own!

    Thanks for housing the birds!



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    decorative bird houses that go the distance

    hand crafted ceramic gourd decorative bird housesProviding birds critical roosting and nesting sites to raise their young can be anything but a boring wood nest box.Ā  Decorative bird houses abound out there in birdie retail land, with so many fun designs and shapes it’s hard to choose!

    But there are some things to be aware of when choosing decorative bird houses. Wood is always a natural choice, but will it go the distance? How many seasons might it last? If it’s made in China, your chances for many seasons of successful broods may be slim. Hand crafted wood houses that are made in the USA have a far better chance at surviving over the years.

    Ceramics and stoneware are sturdy materials that won’t break down over time. There are some great artists creating wonderful pieces of functional art like decorative bird houses. As long as the house is equipped with adequate ventilation and proper drainage it’s a good choice. The entrance must be correctly and proportionally-sized for the birds you’d like to attract as well. Adding some nesting material nearby will also encourage birds to take up residence in your yard. And as always, a fresh water water source will entice more feathered friends than any house or feeder alone…. Happy Birding!