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    Finch Feeders Feed More Than Just Finches

    Now say that five times real fast!

    Goldfinches aren’t the only birds who will feast on thistle seed or finch mixes. You’re likely to see House and Purple Finches, Eastern Towhees, Juncos, Pine Siskins and Indigo Buntings at finch feeders if they’re native to the area.

    With warmer months upon us, the payoff for keeping our finch feeders out year round shows. The brightest lemon yellow birds ever, grace the yards of those who offer thistle or nyjer seed to these sweet-natured birds.

    They’re also the one of the latest birds to breed, so if you haven’t gotten any nesting material up yet, there’s still plenty of time. When other birds are finished their breeding season, Goldfinches start – late June to early July.

    As always, offering a daily fresh water source will greatly increase the number of birds, as well as species seen in your yard. Birdbaths are an excellent attractor for any birds!

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    Does This Look Like a Finch Feeder To You?

    Not even close! Doesn’t look anything like a finch feeder…no tube, no thistle, no perches. It’s really a woodpecker feeder.

    Then why is this little goldfinch chowing down here? The dull plumage gives a hint – it’s the dead of winter and the suet sure does taste good. Look at the giant chuck in his mouth! Peanut suet with lots of fat and protein with extra calories to help keep warm.

    Funny thing is, the large finch feeder stays in the yard year-round, filled with thistle seed. But when the temperatures really start to drop, suet is the preferred food of many feathered friends. Now that spring has sprung, that large thistle bird feeder gets filled twice a week, and the finches are eating me out of house and home!

    Thanks to my friend for this great photo in my yard.

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    Got Crowds at Your Thistle Bird Feeder?

    Because of their sweet nature and very gentle disposition, American Goldfinches will quickly give up, rather than fight at a crowded thistle bird feeder. Larger tube feeders are great, but sometimes seed at the bottom tends to spoil. Multiple thistle feeders are a good idea, but can get pretty costly.

    An inexpensive and effective way to feed lots more finches is using thistle socks. The Finch Magic Thistle Sack is a heavy duty mesh thistle bird feeder with drawstring and toggle lock. Available in three convenient sizes, the black color is wonderful for viewing vibrant Goldfinches during summer months…the contrast is absolutely stunning! Hanging several of these feeders allows many more finches to feed comfortably than with one traditional tube feeder.

    Don’t forget the nesting materials, as these birds are the last ones to breed and nest, waiting until June or July. And as always, a fresh water source will attract and entice more feathered friends to stick around your place.