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    first sprite spotted today at the window hummingbird feeder

    celebrate springI think he’s celebrating, hallelujah… spring has sprung!

    The very first hummingbird was spotted today, bringing sheer delight in knowing they’re back. For the next six to seven months, sights and sounds around the yard will be a-brimming with silly antics and buzzing activity from these favorite migratory birds. Their very own Pop’s Hummingbird Swing was installed last season and it proved to be a huge hit, so we’ll likely add another this year.

    Although feeders are out, there aren’t any flowers yet from which to draw nectar, and that part’s kinda sad. Nothing’s been done in the yard as far as clean-up and planting colorful annuals for the season.

    Perennials have not started blooming except for the very early – and long gone crocus and jonquils. Some white candy tuft clumps perch upright in a barren looking landscape, while trees are just sprouting tender green foliage. Leaf misters (that never made it to storage last year) sit ready to spray, and the popular Hummer Helper nesting material is also ready for action!Because this hangs from a sturdy window hook, we'd definitely call it a window hummingbird feeder

    Because this one hangs from a sturdy window bracket, it serves as our window hummingbird feeder, and eyes are peeled when in the kitchen.

    So nice having a feeder right at the window again… and one that squirrels won’t bother with!

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    The Old bird brain hummingbird feeders

    Made from blown glass, the old bird brain hummingbird feeders were pretty good! Products and companies may come and go, some rightfully so and some not so much, so it’s sort of a bummer thatĀ bird brain hummingbird feeders disappeared.

    They weren’t cheap plastic, but pretty blown glass feeders in vibrant colors that held up over time, and hummingbirds liked them too! The styles were nice because they didn’t drip or leak like some of the tube styles feeders still around.

    The good news is there’s still some of the old bird brain hummingbird feeders around. We had stocked up big time on several models like the Mini-Kins (sold in sets of 3’s), The Snitch, and the very cool textured Cobalt Radiance. They’re no muss – no fuss feeders your flying sprites will love!Cobalt Radiance was one one of the cooler bird brain hummingbird feeders

    And speaking of those flying sprites… it’s definitely time to dig your nectar feeders out of storage because hummingbirds are on their way! Entering the gulf states about two weeks ago, it won’t be long before they’re back in your yard providing that mesmerizing bird watching experience. Like no other, their general behavior and fancy acrobatics prove to be some of the most entertaining of all backyard birds.

    Because they practice “site fidelity” -it means if hummingbirds were happy with your accommodations last season… you can bet they’ll be back this year too!

    And hey, should your feeders be looking a bit worn and tattered, you can nab 10% off a new one! Simply enter promo code MC10 at checkout!




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    Cool Mini-Kins: bird brain hummingbird feeders

    Set of 3 Mini-Kin bird brain hummingbird feeders are perfect for busy farewell migrationAlthough hummingbirds may have shown up a few weeks earlier this year… their trip home to Central and South America will likely be on target for early fall. If the tiny sprites are present and guzzling your nectar, just wait about another month when numbers may double, or even triple!

    The long journey back requires lots of energy, and nectar from feeders is an excellent source to keep hummingbirds engine’s fueled! Even when your resident birds may have already split… groups from further north and some stragglers will stop for refuge.

    Last year, we were absolutely inundated with hummingbirds during the fall migration, even our cats (from inside the screened porch) went bonkers seeing and hearing all the buzzing activity! More feeders were needed fast to accommodate the passers-by, and these little glass ones fit the bill well. The Mini-Kins are Bird Brain hummingbird feeders, and sold in sets of three.Ā  Hand blown glass in vibrant colors, they’re easy to fill & clean, and two feeding ports are better than one!

    Be ready to offer migrating hummingbirds fuel for their long journey home. Keep nectar fresh and hang an extra feeder or two in the next few weeks. Keep leaf misters on during the day (their favorite), and if you have birdbaths with fountains, be sure the water is clean for them as well.