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    thistle feeders are a great choice when starting out

    Goldfinches adore Thistle Feeders, and fresh water too.Here’s a real note (and our quick response) from an enthusiastic customer who’s just staring out with the backyard birding and gardening thing. This is the kind of stuff we love to see! Aside from a happy customer, another wildlife friendly habitat is being born.

    “I just received my Solar hanging bird bath and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE it……I have it in my back yard…..I want to purchase another one for my front yard…..Do You have different styles and colors of solar hanging bird baths???  I am new to having a garden and bird feeding and baths….I love it!!!  It is soooooooo peaceful!!!  Do I need to put anything in the solar bird bath for the water???  Should I change the water everyday????  Thank You for the 2 gifts….I need to get a suet feeder.  What is the pop.outz that you are speaking about on the card that you sent me??  Also, I have a bird house, should I put the feathers, moss and horse hair in the house with some hanging out in order to attract birds???  I am not sure how I should present this to the birds?
    Thank You so much and any information is greatly appreciated!!!

    Hi Lisa,
    Sounds like you’re on your way to becoming a bird-fanatic like me 🙂
    It really is so cool just to sit and watch, sorta takes you away from the “day-to-day”.  Even though I’ve been doing this for a long time, there are still scenes and birds who never cease to amaze and bring joy!

    The first brood of Bluebirds fledged a few weeks ago, and mama brought the babies down to the feeder last night. When they first leave the nest, they stay in the tree-tops for about the first 10 days. So darn cute!  I’ve been trying to lure Orioles for years (gorgeous birds) who are considered migratory (only here in summer). My first one was in the yard the other day. The brightest hue of yellow-orange I’ve ever seen! They eat grape jelly and oranges!

    Hummingbirds will come back to the same place every year if they find the spot to their liking. Last night while sitting outside, one buzzed my head and sat only a few inches away while drinking at the feeder! What a site when they’re that close!  Jeez… this sounds like a blog post right here!

    Anyway, you’re off to a good start because fresh water really does entice more birds.
    Not sure if you have any other feeders, but thistle feeders are very cool. Goldfinches (great little songbirds) will stick around all year if you feed thistle. In summer, they molt (shed old feathers and grow new new ones) and turn an electric lemon yellow color. Sweet songs and very gentle birds too! Thistle (also called nyjer) won’t germinate to sprout weeds, and squirrels usually leave these feeders in peace! It’s not cheap seed though 🙁

    Just buzz me any time with any bird questions!
    Have a swell day!

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    Colors Are Changing at the Finch Bird Feeder

    finches at a tube feederWhen one thinks of finches, it’s thistle or nyjer seed that usually comes to mind. This is a staple for finches, especially American Goldfinches. Here at this tube feeder, it seems goldfinches and a purple finch are chowing down on a standard seed mix. Both will feed on sunflower seed, and possibly some other goodies in the mix.

    No matter what type of seed your finch bird feeder may be offering, you can count on the fact that mother nature takes her course regardless. Very soon, the vibrant yellow feathers we’ve seen all summer on sweet goldfinches will give way to a more olive-drab color. It’s the second molt of the season for goldfinches, when nature sheds the old tattered feathers and outfits birds with a new set to help brave the winter.

    Cardinals are also going through the molting process now, and may appear a little scrawny or sickly-looking. Know that they’re healthy and just preparing to suit up in their vibrant red plumage.

    The molting process of fall also signals the migration of many songbirds. Vireos, Warblers and more are on their way to southern wintering grounds. These birds need fuel and refreshments along the way in order to stay fat for the long journey. Placing suet out now is a great way to help migratory birds, with a high fat and protein snack that packs in the calories. Fresh water also helps migratory songbirds on their journey. A birdbath may serve as an oasis to some of these weary travelers. Keep an eye out for visitors to your yard…you never know who may stop by!

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    A New Kind of Finch Bird Feeder

    Some of the new backyard birding products are great, and some…well, not so great.

    This Finch Bird Feeder by BirdsChoice is definitely one of the great ones! A new design for feeding thistle (or nyjer seed) has arrived. A patented material called magnet mesh attracts more birds to cling to the feeder. Unlike other finch feeders in the traditional tube style, this one allows for “all-over” perching for more birds to feed at once.

    With it’s recycled bright yellow frame, the rectangular shape allows for even seed distribution. The difference being no seed clumping at the bottom to become moldy and wasted.  Constructed of durable poly lumber, and polyester powder coated black screen, this unique finch bird feeder comes with a lifetime guarantee. The smaller version shown here holds 1.5-quarts of thistle seed, while the large feeder has a 3-quart capacity.

    When Goldfinches’ colors fade in late fall, it’s best to leave feeders out year-round for them. They’re still around, sans the vibrant plumage. Leaving your finch feeders out year round pretty much guarantees that fantastic vibrant summer plumage. Since Goldfinches are also one of the last birds to breed, hanging nesting material in your yard will entice them to stick around.