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    Americana Decorative Bird Houses

    decorative birdhousesIn honor of Memorial Day patriotic themes abound, everywhere is red, white and blue… and birdhouses too!

    Reclaimed materials are used to craft these decorative birdhouses with vintage style. Hand made in Texas, Lorenzo Padilla creates original pieces using historic architectural elements and salvaged materials.  Unique bird homes are reborn in these fine artworks, each is branded with his trademark emblem. Tin roofs and iron adornments pretty much started here about 20 years ago, widely copied by others today-but not the same!decorative birdhouses

    Some of the siding and materials date back to the nineteenth century, sturdy woods rich in history that will withstand elements beautifully.

    For nest clean-out, it’s fairly simple to back out 2 screws on the roof and gently lift the tin panel. Chickadees, wrens, titmice and other small songbirds will be happy to take up residence and call these places home.decorative birdhouses.. a fine nest site and roost for cold nights too.

    A few other decorative works for home and garden can be found. Tall cabinets with scroll front grates (which haven’t made it to the site yet) are absolute works of period art.

    Although these houses are for the birds – most folks prefer to keep them as indoor decor!

    Wishing all a Happy & Safe Memorial Day Holiday!

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    The Three R’s of decorative bird houses

    Reclaimed Materials are usedto craft this vintage decorative birdhouseWhen it comes to housing the birds, just about anything’s possible… as long as it’s a proper nest site. This would include ventilation, drainage, clean-out, adequate floor space, and a decent distance from the entry to the floor in order to protect nestlings. Since one of the most popular trends these days is recycling, the three R’s; recycle, reduce and reuse have spawned some of the most unique and unusual decorative birdhouses.

    This Mechanic-Inspired A-frame is handcrafted from barn wood and tin, featuring a genuine spark plug perch, old tools, and a metal predator guard made from… I’m not sure what? But it keeps squirrels and others from enlarging the entrance! Using vintage finds for accents can create wonderful conversation pieces, plus swell nesting spots for feathered friends.

    Triple Compartment Church Decorative Birdhouse

    This large, triple compartment church birdhouse is also handcrafted of old barn wood and tin. The vintage iron cross is rich with texture, while the roof lines and windows provide nice detail, it’s even signed by the artist (Jim and Vickie Smith) for 2012. Although it may only host one brood at a time during nesting season, you can bet all compartments will be occupied by resident songbirds on a cold winter night! Even during the off-season, decorative birdhouses are put to good use. They really do make for great roosting spots. Some birds will line their roosts with nest material, while others prefer a bare floor and just gathering for warmth through body heat.

    As natural nest cavities slowly disappear with every tree that’s cut down, you can help house the birds in any style that tickles your fancy. From rustic or whimsical, to mod and futuristic, there’s a decorative birdhouse out there for you… and your avian amigos!

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    decorative bird houses aren’t always functional

    Buyer beware…. not all decorative birdhouses are meant for feathered friends! Just because they’re made from wood and have an entrance hole, does not mean they’re really suited for wild birds. Many of these wooden, cute decorative birdhouses lack clean-outs and proper ventilation for tiny nestlings. As if sweltering summer temperatures aren’t bad enough, it’s always a few degrees warmer inside a birdhouse, and this can mean death for some nestlings. This is one good reason not place new birdhouses in direct sun. Another factor is year-round weather. Will this birdhouse hold up to the elements? It’s always best to leave birdhouses out year-round as many birds will use them to roost. Protection and shelter from the elements and from predators are the reasons to leave decorative bird houses out year-round. Plus if they’re really cool birdhouses like these, you’d certainly want them for the added aesthetic to your yard.

    This Eastern Bluebird Look-Alike hosts a family of Black Capped Chickadees. The house has a trap door clean-out on the bird’s belly, and the entrance is proportionally correct for these smaller songbirds. This size birdhouse with a two-inch entrance isn’t likely to entice any prospects for nesting. And even if it does, they’re likely not safe from predators. The Boathouse Birdhouse also features a side wall with screws for clean-out, and a slightly larger entrance offers medium sized songbirds a great nesting spot.

    When considering decorative birdhouses, be sure they are functional and proportionally sized for the birds you’d like to entice. As always, a fresh water source is the single, most effective way to attract more birds. Those who are not cavity-dwellers, or birds who never visit a feeder are likely to check out a bird bath with fresh water in it.