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    Butterfly Houses in the Garden

    Do they really use butterfly houses?

    According to the Butterfly School, yes! And they even have simple, detailed directions to make your own butterfly houses. There’s tons of great information on the site pertaining to all things butterflies and moths. Copy and paste this address to check it out: http://www.butterflyschool.org

    One great way to attract butterflies to your houses is to add their nectar inside. Using a small dish, with a new sponge or pot scrubber to absorb the liquid, place it in the bottom of the house. This acts as a fantastic attractant for these flying flowers! And…the nectar is a simple solution of sugar and water. The same mixture used for hummingbirds. One part sugar to four parts water. Never use any substitutes for the sugar, plain, table sugar is best.

    Here’s to spring and the butterflies!

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    Blown Glass Butterfly Feeders

    butterfly feeders

    Garden accents that are unique and functional

    Butterflies will grace your garden if proper habitat is provided. Food, water and shelter are the basics…same as any other species!

    These hand blown glass butterfly feeders add a touch of whimsy to any garden. The large staked flowers may be filled with butterfly nectar, or used to hold over-ripened fruit. They may also be used as butterfly baths when filled with water. Butterflies will feast on oranges, bananas, melons and berries, but be sure and discard molded fruit. Nature’s feeders include flowers like marigolds, hibiscus, butterfly weed, and lavender to name just a few.

    Another way to use water as an attractant for butterflies is with leaf misters. The gentle spray will entice these flying flowers to your yard and keep them around for the season. Provide shelter from the elements and from predators through landscape and butterfly houses.

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    Improvision With a Butterfly Feeder

    butterfly feederThere are no set rules to enjoying wildlife in your backyard. Because a bird feeder is meant for birds, does it mean you couldn’t use it for squirrels if you wanted to? An old birdhouse can even be used for a sheltered feeding spot…sans the front wall. In my many years of backyard birding, I’ve learned to improvise with older items, keeping them useful for other species to enjoy.

    This past summer a small birdbath fell over (for the third time) and broke. The break was once again a clean one, so super glue to the rescue. This time I had the idea of turning the bath into a butterfly feeder. Relocated into the flower garden, I began placing orange quarters and banana chucks on it.

    The first go-round didn’t work as sadly there were no butterflies seen. Another thing I’ve learned is persistence….if it doesn’t always work the first, or even second time-try again!  After a few tries of experimenting with different fruits, the eagle had landed!.  Three Monarch’s graced the garden and ate from the feeder. For that summer, I was lucky enough to have witnessed many species of butterflies. Unidentifiable technical names to me, but what a joy to have them around everyday!