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    ok, is it the bird feeder pole or the ground?

    this bird feeder pole has seen better daysIt doesn’t look so bad here, maybe the rivets on the baffle are starting to give, and the nice green luster is gone, but this bird feeder pole serves the purpose quite well. Holding a good-size hopper on top, and two hanging feeders, with enough room for weather guards too. It’s really a nice set up. The bottom of the pole even sits in an auger, that screws down into the ground about eight to ten inches. So what’s the problem?

    If you could see this bird feeder pole now, you’d laugh, or maybe think “what the heck?”. It now sports a heavy rope which is braced against three ground stakes… professionally tied and knotted by a former sailor! Now I was very excited to purchase a brand new shiny bird feeder pole, which I plan to install as soon as the weather warms up (along with thorough cleanings of all the feeders). I can only hope the triple-braced contraption holds up until then. Today I tightened the rope, and added a small bungee to keep it from slipping further down the pole.

    The ground is just overly saturated with water right now  🙁

    Besides all the Georgia rain, and snow we’ve had this winter, our leaf misters ran all summer at the top of the small bank. The ground was already wet before winter’s mess. So I’m thinking why did I buy the new pole? Maybe some cement would have been a wiser option.

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    One Heck of a Bird Feeder Pole!

    bird feeder pole is a complete feeding stationAlthough space may be limited in your yard, you can still attract many species of wild birds. Offering suet and seed mixes, or even peanuts will entice Blue Jays, Nuthatches, Chickadees, Woodpeckers and many more. A small dish for feeding mealworms will likely bring Blue Birds too.

    This bird feeder pole is a complete feeding station kit in one package. With five spots for feeders, food and water, you can bet it will get feathered friends’ attention! The tray holding suet balls may also be used for fruit in summer to attract those vibrant migrants like Tanagers, Orioles and others. The attached small bath is a super convenient way to offer a fresh water source for birds, the visual magnet that brings them home. For a central viewing spot, the Wild Bird Feeding Station is where it’s at!

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    A Bird Feeder Pole Creates Perching Spots Too

    Traditional shepherd’s hooks are a perfect choice for hanging bird feeders and even bird baths. Double arm shepherd’s hooks are better, as they’ll hold another item to attract more birds. A quad hook is the best!

    A bird feeder pole with four arms (or attachments) will really let you customize the feeding area. Today on one pole, I noticed four species all perching together! A Downy Woodpecker, an Eastern Bluebird, One Purple Finch and one Titmouse. How cool that all these species can just chill together in the same place!

    The Bluebirds are constantly standing watch for insects on the back bird feeder pole, which adjacent to the bluebird feeder itself. On this pole hangs a copper bath and stainless steel finch feeder, but the Bluebirds always hunt insects from the two top arms.

    The other great thing about these poles is that its relatively easy to add a squirrel baffle. If the little pesky acrobats are getting into feeders, simply add a baffle to stop them in their tracks!