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    An Aged Ceramic Bird Bath

    Ground bathing comes naturally for birds, and with ground birdbaths you can provide feathered friends with fresh water on warm summer days. Check daily to make sure there is plenty of water for birds to drink and bathe. Other wildlife will be grateful for the water too.

    This ceramic bird bath ensures a timeless object of beauty in the garden, even when birds aren’t using it! The elegant black scroll print and aged-look ceramic gives it authentic old world charm.

    Please note: if ground predators such as cats are prevalent in the area, it’s best to either raise the bath a few feet up on a tree stump or table, or refrain from using this style of birdbath. Pedestal or hanging bird baths would be much better suited in this situation.

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    Got a Mother’s Day Uh-Oh?… Think Hanging Bird Bath

    Happen to wait till the last minute this Mother’s Day and scrambling for that unique gift she’ll love? Check out this hand made, solid copper hanging bird bath. It’s timeless sculptural design is distinctive art for any garden environment. The copper weathers to a rich patina finish over time when left to the elements, of course it can always be polished to retain the bright, and shiny newness too.

    Fresh water in a birdbath is the most effective way to attract more songbirds. Many who will never visit a feeder or use a birdhouse will visit a bird bath that offers fresh water.

    This Mother’s Day, give a gift of nature that keeps on giving back, one that she’ll actually use and enjoy for many years to come.

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    Why Add Moving Water to Your Birdbath?

    A sure way to attract birds is with water, and an even better way is with moving water! The sound of a “drip-drip” or the sight of ripples across a birdbath is an absolute visual magnet to many species of songbirds. Even those who may not frequent your feeders, or use birdhouses, will visit a birdbath that offers fresh water.

    Birdbath accessories like water wigglers and drippers are a great way to create moving water in your existing birdbath. The birds love them! Another great benefit is that mosquitoes can not lay eggs in moving water, so there’s no worry of them breeding or eggs in stagnant water.

    If you’ve never tried a wiggler, dripper, or some type of fountain in your bath, see for yourself. Do it this summer and you’ll be amazed at all the action around your birdbath!

    If you’re new to backyard birding, and wondering what kind of bath is best? Hands down…it’s the one you will maintain. Keeping water fresh is the key element to attracting and keeping birds around. During hot summer months, baths should be cleaned every few days.