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    Turn baths into heated bird baths with safe deicer options

    turn birdbaths into a heated bird baths with innovative heater optionsYou can attract more wild birds through harsh winter weather with heated bird baths. The newer de-icers and heaters are safe for all types of baths, so you can keep your existing birdbath in use year-round.

    It bothers me to see people’s yards with their baths “put up” for winter… bowls sitting on the ground, and turned upside down! Birds need a fresh water source more than ever when temperatures drop below freezing. Puddles and shallow ponds they depend on freeze and become worthless to them. This high quality, 250 watt bath heater is perfect in pottery, concrete, and even plastic bird baths. It will not overheat the water, and costs just pennies a day to run. It even comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    Another type of heater you can add to birdbaths for winter are the mat-type heaters by Allied Precision. Thermostatically controlled, they kick in at 32 degrees and run continuously, down to a temperature of 20 below zero. A mere 95 watts, and 11″ in diameter, this flexible birdbath heater is safe in all types of baths too.

    Help resident birds thrive through harsh winters by offering heated bird baths. No need for a new set-up, just add a safe deicer to your existing bath. You’ll likely see some new visitors who don’t even use your feeders.  They’ll really appreciate it, and you’ll be rewarded with a great show too!

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    Heated Bird Baths Allow Some Birds to Over-Winter

    Classic Cedar Heated Bird BathWith the end of summer, so comes the migration south for many song birds. A few favorites may stick around if their habitat suits them well enough. Bluebirds in my yard for example, surprised me last year when they decided to over-winter. Probably because of the juicy live worms they were offered everyday, and mostly because of the heated bird baths in the yard. This season we had three successful broods!

    Heated bird baths really are important to wild birds. As temperatures drop and local water sources tend to freeze over, the baths offer an oasis for drinking and bathing. Clean feathers are a must for birds to stay warm too. When you see them “puff up” it is a mechanism they use to retain body heat. Some folks believe birds can eat snow for water, and they can, but it takes them many calories to convert the snow to water. And these are precious calories needed to just stay warm.

    If you already have a favorite bath, please don’t empty it and turn it over for winter. Consider adding a heater or deicer to it for the birds. They need fresh water in winter just as much as hot summThe Rock Birdbath Heater with Thermostater months. Many of the newer heaters are safe for use with all bird baths, so there’s no worry about having a metal heater in a plastic or resin bath. The Heated Rock for example, is an innovative new heater that’s safe with all types of baths. Mat-type heaters can be used with all baths as well.

    Help birds to thrive and flourish this winter by offering a consistent fresh water source with heated bird baths. You never know who may surprise you and decide to stick around?