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    Happy Thanksgiving and a Box for Birds

    Some things to be thankful for this yearThough we all may seem to want more, most of us really have what we need. After viewing images of Hurricane Sandy, speaking with friends affected, and really taking it all in… I’m very thankful this year!

    A roof above, with heat that works. A hot shower with a killer Speakman shower head. A comfortable bed, food in the fridge, pets at home where they belong. Birds to feed in the yard everyday (especially the bluebirds) pesky squirrels, even weeds that need pulling. A business that’s survived some rough times, and oh, the repeat customers are the best, really thankful for them! Distributors who are willing to go out on a limb (thanks Mel and Goldcrest), vendors who have faith, artists who craft such wonderful work.

    These cool birdhouse kits make for an awesome nesting site for the Eastern Bluebird and Carolina Wren. The houses are assembled like a puzzle and are great projects for ages 4 to 104! In modern or traditional styles, check them out in action below:

    Box for Birds is an innovative birdhouse kit that makes a real home to raise nestlings         In traditional or mod styles, Box for Birds kits in action

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    birdhouse kits for winter, spring and fall too!

    provide roosting spots for winter and protection from predators with fun birdhouse kits It’s usually spring when most folks think of putting up a birdhouse, or elementary school teachers ponder projects utilizing birdhouse kits. Truth be told… now is an excellent time for a birdhouse kit project!

    As days grow shorter and temperatures dip, most migratory birds are well on their way to southern wintering grounds. But the hard-core resident birds who brave harsh winters would really do best if they had a place to call home too. Installing a new house not only provides a roosting spot on cold nights, but protection from wind & rain, and from predators as well.

    Fall is the time to clean out old nests and repair birdhouses if needed. These are high ticket real estate spots for birds during winter. Several birds will huddle together in a birdhouse to stay warm through body heat, and bluebirds especially have been known to do this. Finding a place to roost at night for a bird, is like crawling under your covers at bed time for you. That content, peaceful, and safe feeling you get which allows for your bodies’ rest… it’s universal, with mammals, felines, canines, and even birds! It’s plain instinct.

    Another way to help birds through winter is by creating a brush pile in a corner of your yard. These piles give birds a helping hand with protection from the elements and from predators, as they can enter the cover and move about through the small spaces. Generally, larger limbs go on the bottom, with smaller branches or twigs piled on top. And Although migratory birds have moved on, resident birds benefit from roosting spots provided by birdhouse kits.the leaves… oh those messy fall leaves – save them for the brush pile! They contain insects that birds will forage on for the next few months (or until it freezes) depending on your locale. They also add cover and shelter to the brush pile.

    Of course heated birdbaths and stocked feeders will keep resident birds at your residence through the coldest weather if the sources are consistent. Home made suet is fairly easy to make and inexpensive, and a real favorite for most birds during cold weather. But the main thing is to put up the vacancy sign, and let birds know they’ve got some swell roosting spots at your place. Fun birdhouse kits are a great way to do that!

    By the way, the kit shown above requires no nails or glue. The panels slide together like a puzzle, and it can be stained or painted any way you like. Hey, camouflage is a pretty popular pattern in nature!
    Please help house the birds!

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    innovative birdhouse kits for young & old alike

    Super mod birdhouse kits like Box for the Birds require no nails, glue, or screwsNo worries if this one looks a little too mod for your taste, this company offers traditional, and even church birdhouse kits! Supporting a cottage industry right here in Athens, Georgia, Box for the Birds has created some of the most innovative and sturdy birdhouse kits to last for many seasons of successful broods, with minimalist and cool packaging too!

    Fantastic projects for all ages, these kits require no nails, screws or glue, yet they’re super sturdy. Safe for nestlings and little kids too, they’re way fun to decorate. Box for the Birds provides a fine nest site and swell roosting spot during the “off-season” as well.Dots design birdhouse kit by Tweet Tweet Homes

    Another fresh and innovative idea are the kits created by Tweet Tweet Homes. Recycled plastic, in the most vibrant colors, these birdhouse kits also fit together sans the the tools, nails or glue. Warning: you may need to refer to their directions when assembling this fun puzzle!

    Recycled plastics really do help the environment, and many items let you know just how many milk jugs or containers were used in producing that item. Tweet homes are also available in a traditional house shape, and a newer cone shape version too, delivered flat with barely any packaging waste.

    Either with wTweet Tweet Homes offers recycled plastic birdhouse kits invibrant colors with two designsood or plastic – half the fun is putting these kinds of bird house kits together, the other half is watching a family being raised and babies when its time to fledge the box!