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    Wild Bird Feeders for All Feathered Friends

    From Fly-Thrus, to Platforms, you can entice more species of birds by offering a variety of treats. These styles of feeders allow you to change up foods according to season, offering migratory birds in summer a completely different menu from local winter residents. Anything from fruit and suet, to peanuts and mealworms, are easily fed in this style feeder.

    All birdfeeders are not created equal: Some desirable birds will not visit certain types of wild bird feeders, like tube style feeders. Great for some clinging birds, they’re just not suited for all birds. But most are easily drawn to platform and fly-thru feeders. Cardinals are a good example of this, as they tend to shy away from the narrow perches on tube feeders.

    There are still many delightful options when choosing a platform-type bird feeder, they need not be boring! From classic architectural styles, to whimsical and fun designs, wild bird feeders will enhance any garden or yard while attracting feathered friends, they bring a dull and boring area to life!

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