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    Close & Easy With An In Window Bird Feeder

    in window bird feederWhether the groundhog sees his shadow or not, you can sit back in the comfort of your living room or den and enjoy the promise of spring through feathered friends. With a platform type in window bird feeder, a whole new dimension to backyard birding is seen.

    First, the birds come to you. Instead of heading to the window, or grabbing binoculars, birds head right into your room! One-way mirrors in most window feeders allow you to view birds without disturbing them too.

    Second, the platform offers the advantage of variety. You’ll be able to attract more species by feeding different foods. Any seed mixes will work, as well as fruit, suet, peanuts, or meal worms. Peanuts and suet are sought during cold winter months as their fat and protein content are high. The extra calories help to keep birds warm.

    Third, filling and cleaning in window bird feeders is simple….right from inside your home. Most have trays that lift right out for simple cleaning, and filling, well…you don’t even have to drag the seed out to the yard!

    Most feeders fit windows from 24″ to 36″ wide, and side panels provide great insulation and security. For added security, they allow you to completely close and lock your window with the feeder in place. In window feeders make great gifts for seniors who love to watch birds…or for any birding enthusiast, a terrific one-time investment that will bring years or use and enjoyment.