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Invite Bluebirds to Nest with Bluebird Houses

bluebird houses

Once abundant throughout the US, the North American Bluebird experienced a severe decline in population mostly due to competition for nest sites by non-native species, loss of habitat and pesticide use.  The House Sparrow and Starling are both fierce competitors for available nest sites, and are known to be very aggressive towards Bluebirds.

Thanks to efforts by Bluebird Societies and many people who have constructed bluebird trails with nest boxes, their numbers continue to increase.

Encourage bluebirds to nest in your yard by providing bluebird houses.  North American Bluebird Society (NABS) approved houses are best, to ensure successful broods.

Bluebirds prefer open, grassy areas where they can perch and easily hunt their main diet…insects.  Beneficial to your environment, they eat insects considered to be damaging to gardens, like cutworms.

Providing Bluebird Feeders with meal worms will also help attract them to your yard. For some reason…no other bird will enter a bluebird feeder!

Our 2 successful broods this season were attributed to feeding meal worms daily and providing several fresh water sources…the babies are adorable, we hope to see them next year too!

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