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The anti-ant moat

a different kind of ant moatMoat: a wide, deep ditch, usually filled with water, surrounding a fortress or mid-evil town.

Yes, an ant moat is usually made to hold water, serving the purpose of keeping ants from reaching sugar water in nectar feeders for hummingbirds, orioles and butterflies. And if you feed hummingbirds the sweet, sticky solution, an ant moat is one of those necessary accessories to thwart pesky ants.

This wooden ant moat however, is dubbed the “anti-ant moat” and works by a principle other than holding a body of water.  It has a deep grove on the underside which is filled with a sticky substance that sugar ants won’t cross. It really does work, and although designed for the Lantern Series of hummingbird feeders, will work for any hummingbird feeder that’s meant to ant moat for lantern style hummingbird feeders

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