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    traffic at thistle feeders may seem slow

    Traffic at thistle feeders may seem slow, but finches are still aroundBird traffic in your yard may seem a bit slow right now, but resident songbirds will be back soon… and with a vengeance! Thistle Feeders and other bird feeders should be kept clean and full in anticipation of songbirds’ return. Jays, Chickadees, Woodpeckers, Tufted Titmice, Nuthatches, Warblers and even Bluebirds (in some areas) will over-winter if habitat is suitable. Traffic is slow because food in the wild is plentiful this fall and there’s an abundance of growth in certain parts of the country. Fruit and berry-producing trees and shrubs are filled with treats, and fields are grassy, with seeds, weeds, and coneflowers.

    A welcoming habitat entails rolling out the red carpet for birds! A fresh water source is a must, especially when temps drop below freezing. Adequate roosting places in the form of birdhouses, roosting boxes, and mature trees and shrubs are necessary too. Adding a suet feeder entices many species as it provides the extra calories for energy needed to stay warm through freezing winter weather. Suet is convenient and easy to feed, leaves no waste or ground mess, and it’s enjoyed by many species. If you’ve never fed suet, we strongly advise giving it a try! You’ll find fun suet feeders at The Birdhouse Chick.com …and a free cake or plugs to get started right away!

    Thistle, or nyjer is often referred to as “black gold” because of the cost. This non-germinating seed may be found more economically in bulk quantities at your local feed & seed store. Thistle feeders provide Goldfinches, House and Purple Finches a steady source of food through winter. And although their vibrant yellow plumage turns a drab olive-grey, Goldfinches will stick around for the duration.

    This hand crafted thistle feeder is made in durable cedar and offers ten perching spots for birds to eat in peace. The groovy wave design is appealing to both humans and birds!

    Welcome birds and help them thrive through harsh winters. The sights and sounds will help brighten up the dreariest days!

    Take 10% off all thistle feeders through Oct. 31. Enter code MC10 @ checkout!

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    Turn baths into heated bird baths with safe deicer options

    turn birdbaths into a heated bird baths with innovative heater optionsYou can attract more wild birds through harsh winter weather with heated bird baths. The newer de-icers and heaters are safe for all types of baths, so you can keep your existing birdbath in use year-round.

    It bothers me to see people’s yards with their baths “put up” for winter… bowls sitting on the ground, and turned upside down! Birds need a fresh water source more than ever when temperatures drop below freezing. Puddles and shallow ponds they depend on freeze and become worthless to them. This high quality, 250 watt bath heater is perfect in pottery, concrete, and even plastic bird baths. It will not overheat the water, and costs just pennies a day to run. It even comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    Another type of heater you can add to birdbaths for winter are the mat-type heaters by Allied Precision. Thermostatically controlled, they kick in at 32 degrees and run continuously, down to a temperature of 20 below zero. A mere 95 watts, and 11″ in diameter, this flexible birdbath heater is safe in all types of baths too.

    Help resident birds thrive through harsh winters by offering heated bird baths. No need for a new set-up, just add a safe deicer to your existing bath. You’ll likely see some new visitors who don’t even use your feeders.  They’ll really appreciate it, and you’ll be rewarded with a great show too!

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    Explosive campaign on Change.org demands Ohio Governor John Kasich ban sale, ownership, and harboring of exotic animals after dozens of animals escape private zoo.

    ATHENS, OH – Thousands of people have joined a breaking campaign on Change.org calling on Ohio Governor John Kasich to ban the sale of exotic animals after over fifty animals escaped from a private Ohio zoo on Wednesday.

    Liz Dumler, a concerned Ohio citizen, launched the campaign on Change.org after as many as 56 exotic animals – including tigers, lions, bears, wolves, and leopards – escaped a zoo through gates left open by owner Terry Thompson, who was found dead in his house. As of Wednesday evening, around 50 of the animals had been shot and killed by police, and at least three animals – a grizzly bear, a mountain lion, and a monkey – were still at large.

    “As an Ohio native, I was shocked and outraged when I learned of the deaths of the exotic animals that were kept as pets in Zanesville, Ohio,” said petition creator Liz Dumler. “Sadly, the lack of laws and regulation in the state of Ohio concerning the sale and ownership of exotics have allowed this situation to happen. The deaths of these innocent animals shouldn’t be in vain, let’s change the laws in Ohio concerning exotic pets in their memory.”

    News of the success of Dumler’s campaign’s is likely to put pressure on Governor Kasich and other Ohio officials to prohibit the sale or ownership of exotic animals. Hundreds of exotic animals are currently kept as pets in Ohio, which is one of fewer than 10 states that do not regulate exotic animal ownership.

    “What Liz Dumler has accomplished in a matter of hours is remarkable,” said Change.org Director of Organizing Stephanie Feldstein. “Immediately following the escape of over 50 animals from a zoo in Ohio, Liz launched a campaign on Change.org and managed to recruit thousands of supporters in less than 24 hours. Change.org is about empowering anyone, anywhere to demand action on the issues that matter to them, and it has been incredible to watch Liz’s campaign explode overnight.”

    Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland had passed a temporary executive order to ban exotic animals, which Governor Kasich allowed to expire upon taking office.

    Live signature totals from Liz Dumler’s campaign: