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    Only the Nyjer Bird Feeder is Safe from These Starlings

    The backyard and wonderful wildlife habitat is under attack from the worst spell of starlings right now. They eat EVERYTHING in site and bully the songbirds. The mess they leave is not nice either. Starlings are non-native birds, I wish they’d go back from where they came!

    It is the thistle feeder and hummingbird feeders that are safe, that’s it. Of about 15 assorted feeders, the nyjer bird feeder is the only seed feeder they’ll leave alone. Three hummingbird feeders are starling-free as well. They just about empty the birdbaths everyday too with their splashing around. I even witnessed one trying to stuff himself inside the bluebird feeder, reaching for worms and grabbing a few with his body half in and half out of the feeder!

    Thistle or nyjer seed is wonderful with its many benefits. Squirrels don’t like it either, and tend to leave feeders alone. This seed is non-germinating and won’t cause weeds to pop up below the feeder.

    And I’m not just ranting because of them in my yard, these birds wreak havoc with air traffic control towers and the airline industry, causing thousands of dollars (if not more) in damages every year. They’re even responsible for a few plane crashes.

    Non-native birds go home!

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    Entice Feathered Friends with Bird Nesting Materials

    Although nesting season may be winding down for some wild bird species, others are just gearing up. The bluebirds in our yard are on their second brood for the season. American Goldfinches breeding season is just starting and runs through late July.

    You can attract and encourage birds to nest in your yard by offering different nesting materials. There’s a bevy of easy ways to do it, and several great products to use. The Birdie Bell shown here, is a versatile holder for bird nesting materials. The beauty with this item is that it can be utilized year round for birds. Shaped to hold birdseed bells in winter time, it conveniently holds orange halves in summer to attract Orioles and others. Spring, summer and winter, this product offers birds seasonal treats to help them thrive and flourish.

    The Hummer Helper Nest Kit is the perfect material for hummingbirds, another species to breed and nest through summer months. Offering these bird nesting materials is even likely to bring more hummers to your feeders. Juveniles born in proximity to feeders will be visiting along with mama, and since hummingbirds practice “site fidelity” they’re likely to return the following year if conditions are favorable. Hummer Helper has even been endorsed by The Hummingbird Society.

    The bird nester is a large wooden-back, cage like holder for bird nesting materials. It contains a special blend of natural fibers that are perfect for feathered friends to build proper nests. Refills are available for this, and most nesting material holders too.

    Birdhouses and feeders aren’t the only way to entice and encourage sweet songbirds in your yard. You can help them thrive by offering a variety of nesting materials. And as always, a fresh water source will attract even more feathered friends…guaranteed!

    Happy Birding…

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    Some Bird Accessories Will Make for Better Birding

    When the simple joys of backyard birding become thwarted….it means that it’s time to do something. Simple solutions do exist for some of the most common problems associated with backyard birding. Wild bird accessories were created for convenience, and to attract more birds. There’s tons of gadgets and gizmos out there, but the basic ones are tried and true.

    Seed catchers for example, will eliminate ground mess. Tired of weeds popping up in the garden? With a seed tray, or seed catcher the problem is eliminated. Available in several designs, seed catchers may be attached to hanging or post-mount bird feeders. The larger ones even serve as additional feeding space for birds who may not perch at a feeder. So you’ll never know who might visit?

    Squirrel baffles – probably my favorite bird accessory! Every single feeder in my yard (and there’s lots of them) has a squirrel baffle attached. Whether they’re post-mounted or hanging feeders, they’re protected from squirrels. Don’t worry though, the squirrels have their own feeders, but it’s never enough. They’ve even learned to hang on and ride the twirl-a squirrel, thinking it’s some kind of amusement ride for them 🙁

    Window Alert Decals are literally life savers for many birds. These decals are barely noticeable to humans, but act as a shield to guard birds from striking windows. After several stunned or dead birds on the back deck, I quickly realized these were a “must”. Also, if there’s a territorial male cardinal fighting with himself at your window…Cardinal Alerts will solve the problem.

    Bird accessories like those mentioned here, really do make a difference in the everyday life of a backyard birder. You may not think any of this stuff is necessary, until you’ve tried them!

    PS: If anyone knows how to get rid of the pain in the a$$  starlings in my yard right now, please let me know! They’re eating everything in sight, bullying the songbirds, and making a serious poop mess. Much thanks to that guy who brought them here from Europe!

    Happy Birding….