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    Some Bird Accessories Will Make for Better Birding

    When the simple joys of backyard birding become thwarted….it means that it’s time to do something. Simple solutions do exist for some of the most common problems associated with backyard birding. Wild bird accessories were created for convenience, and to attract more birds. There’s tons of gadgets and gizmos out there, but the basic ones are tried and true.

    Seed catchers for example, will eliminate ground mess. Tired of weeds popping up in the garden? With a seed tray, or seed catcher the problem is eliminated. Available in several designs, seed catchers may be attached to hanging or post-mount bird feeders. The larger ones even serve as additional feeding space for birds who may not perch at a feeder. So you’ll never know who might visit?

    Squirrel baffles – probably my favorite bird accessory! Every single feeder in my yard (and there’s lots of them) has a squirrel baffle attached. Whether they’re post-mounted or hanging feeders, they’re protected from squirrels. Don’t worry though, the squirrels have their own feeders, but it’s never enough. They’ve even learned to hang on and ride the twirl-a squirrel, thinking it’s some kind of amusement ride for them 🙁

    Window Alert Decals are literally life savers for many birds. These decals are barely noticeable to humans, but act as a shield to guard birds from striking windows. After several stunned or dead birds on the back deck, I quickly realized these were a “must”. Also, if there’s a territorial male cardinal fighting with himself at your window…Cardinal Alerts will solve the problem.

    Bird accessories like those mentioned here, really do make a difference in the everyday life of a backyard birder. You may not think any of this stuff is necessary, until you’ve tried them!

    PS: If anyone knows how to get rid of the pain in the a$$  starlings in my yard right now, please let me know! They’re eating everything in sight, bullying the songbirds, and making a serious poop mess. Much thanks to that guy who brought them here from Europe!

    Happy Birding….

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    Thistle Socks Make Great Nyjer Feeders

    Because American Goldfinches have such a sweet disposition, they’d rather just give up and fly away than compete at nyjer feeders. With their breeding season just about to start, you can bet feeders will be crowded soon. Fledglings pretty much eat nyjer exclusively, so parents will be chowing down!

    Adding a few thistle socks will help keep up with demand at this busy time of year. These nyjer feeders are inexpensive and very convenient when compared to most feeders, and some improvements have even been made to this old favorite.

    The black thistle sock shown here has a stronger mesh which gives the feeder longer life. The draw cord at top keeps seed and feeder more secure. The cool thing is the black color because Goldfinches vibrant lemon yellow plumage gives a great contrast against the black sock. They really do to show up better – for a better bird watching experience. The thistle socks are available in several weight capacities, they really do make for great nyjer feeders!

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    Not So Boring Nyjer Bird Feeders

    Traditionally, nyjer or thistle seed has preyty much been confined to the tube feeder…but it doesn’t have to be. Nowhere is it written in stone that nyjer bird feeders must be tubular in design!

    And here’s one I don’t really understand: caged nyjer feeders. Not many larger birds enjoy thistle seed. Right now there’s a spell (brief I can only hope) of the peskiest starlings in my yard and they don’t go near the nyjer bird feeder. Squirrels don’t like either, and that’s one of the beauties of feeding this non-germinating seed.

    The stained glass and copper bird feeder shown here holds approximately 5 pounds of nyjer seed, which is a generous capacity. And unlike tube feeders, there’s never any clumping, damp seed at the bottom to be tossed and wasted. This feeder is hand made and absolutely gorgeous! The wooden Songbird Lanterns are stylish Nyjer Bird Feeders with modern architectural appeal. The attached pine cone even serves as an extra treat when suet is added to it.

    Ditch the tubes if you’re looking for something truly unique, with quality that will last for years. Nyjer Bird Feeders make wonderful gifts for any backyard birder or nature enthusiast…for any occasion! A gift to be used daily, that gives back to nature, and is enjoyed by birds and their hosts alike. Never any worries of re-gifting with a high quality bird feeder!

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    A New Kind of Finch Bird Feeder

    Some of the new backyard birding products are great, and some…well, not so great.

    This Finch Bird Feeder by BirdsChoice is definitely one of the great ones! A new design for feeding thistle (or nyjer seed) has arrived. A patented material called magnet mesh attracts more birds to cling to the feeder. Unlike other finch feeders in the traditional tube style, this one allows for “all-over” perching for more birds to feed at once.

    With it’s recycled bright yellow frame, the rectangular shape allows for even seed distribution. The difference being no seed clumping at the bottom to become moldy and wasted.  Constructed of durable poly lumber, and polyester powder coated black screen, this unique finch bird feeder comes with a lifetime guarantee. The smaller version shown here holds 1.5-quarts of thistle seed, while the large feeder has a 3-quart capacity.

    When Goldfinches’ colors fade in late fall, it’s best to leave feeders out year-round for them. They’re still around, sans the vibrant plumage. Leaving your finch feeders out year round pretty much guarantees that fantastic vibrant summer plumage. Since Goldfinches are also one of the last birds to breed, hanging nesting material in your yard will entice them to stick around.

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    Finch Bird Feeders Have No Seasonal Preference

    Unlike hummingbird or fruit feeders for migratory and some songbirds, finch bird feeders are a welcome addition to any garden or yard virtually year-round. You’ll be graced with the most gorgeous lemon yellow plumage in warmer months, only because Goldfinches are one of the few birds experiencing two molts per year. They’ve even earned the nickname “wild canary”.

    These colorful birds flock to finch bird feeders and chow down on thistle!  In fact, they eat it almost exclusively and nestlings are fed the same. This food has added benefits; squirrels ignore it, and it is non-germinating which means that spilled food won’t turn into weeds.

    Some of the longer tube feeders can cause problems with clumping, damp food at the bottom. If your feeder is not busy enough to have finches eat all of the thistle, (also called nyjer seed) on a regular basis, it can clump when it gets damp, molds and turns rancid. Then the attraction for our feathered friends will quickly fade. A feeder that distributes seed more evenly is one solution to this problem. The Finches Favorite 3-Tube feeder is a perfect example of this practice. Plus you can see all 24 birds eating at once, which is a truly spectacular site!

    You can also try working with your existing feeder to alleviate this problem, Something I have tried is buying a few inexpensive ping pong balls and putting them inside my finch feeder. The thistle is fine, so it flows around the ping pong balls and is available to the birds. But the balls take up space in the feeder, reducing the amount of food it holds. The result: less food in the feeder means less clumping and fresher food. You can add or remove balls until you get the right balance of food and space for your feeder and your habitat.

    Happy Birding!

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