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    Hopper Bird Feeders as Two in One

    Hopper Bird FeedersFeeding wild birds offers us simple pleasures of viewing their beauty, antics and hearing their song.  One of the main goals in feeding birds is to attract more species to your yard, and be able to identify them. Hopper style feeders tend to hold more seed than tube feeders so you can spend more time viewing and less time filling.  Hopper bird feeders that sit on platforms are even better! For a multitude of reasons, it’s really a better choice to invest in one or two quality bird feeders that will attract a greater number of species, and last for many years of use and enjoyment, for you and feathered friends alike!

    This platform not only serves as an additional feeder, it works as a seed catcher to prevent ground mess below the feeder. The hopper, or container will keep seed fresher for a longer period, as it’s protected from the elements at all times.  The generous feeding area will allow multiple birds and even different species to feed at once.  It’s easy to clean, fill and maintain, another important factor when choosing a feeder…Please help feed the birds!

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    Secret Tube Birdfeeder Clump & Clog Trick

    tube birdfeeder This is the Rainbow Finch Feeder, and when all perches are filled…its’ truly a breathtaking site! The longer tube feeders come with their many advantages, like less filling and excellent views of more birds feeding at once, but they can also tend to clump and clog at the bottom.

    When using a tube birdfeeder, sometimes it seems impossible to keep seed fresh and mold-free at the bottom. Birds won’t eat it and it goes to waste-which really stinks if you spend a small fortune on wild bird food!

    An interesting article with this brilliant trick showed up in one of the bird forums, and I can’t wait to try it with the next filling. Ready? Here it is: Ping Pong Balls! Yes, the person said they had placed a few in the bottom of their tube bird feeder to help disperse the seed. They also said this ended the problem of seed clumping and clogging at the bottom of the feeder!

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    Tube Birdfeeders: To Cling or to Perch?

    Tube BirdfeedersVersatile tube birdfeeders…but which kind?

    Tube feeders are made to hold either sunflower or mixed seeds, thistle or nyjer seed, whole peanuts, or shelled peanuts. Some birds perch and some birds cling, so it depends on who you’re looking to attract.

    Clinging birds for example, like Chickadees, Nuthatches, Titmice, and Woodpeckers will frequent tube birdfeeders that offer shelled peanuts.  They have strong feet, and are known as “polite” birds, because they tend to take one seed and fly away to eat, or store it. They’re most entertaining to watch with their aerobatic antics. and, as a group, clinging birds are quite desirable to have around your patio, deck, or even window!