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    Attract More Songbirds with Water

    Attract more birds with water
    Attract more birds with water

    Water is an excellent attractor for any type of bird.  No matter the species, or their individual food preferences, water is is must, a necessity for life.  Water can be provided in many ways for birds and other wildlife.  By creating a small pool or pond in your yard, you can offer this life-sustaining element for very little cost–and the impact is big!

    A bird bath placed in a sheltered area is an optimal spot for songbirds, providing a dependable water source.  Birds not only drink water, but must bathe to keep feathers clean and free of parasites, which keeps them in proper working condition.

    Birdbaths are available in a multitude of styles and colors, ranging from hanging to pedestal, and deck-mounted models for a close up viwing experience. Be it glass, ceramics, copper, resin or a stone, a bird bath provides life-sustaining water, and will attract the most species of wild birds.

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    Birdhouse Centerpieces?

    Decorative Birdhouse

    Birdhouses seem to come in every size, shape, and theme known to man.  At a lovely garden wedding last spring, the reception was held outdoors and the theme was rustic-but so very elegant.  Not too sure exactly how they pulled this off, managing to incorporate all the decor that was just beautiful.

    A decorative birdhouse adorned each table as the centerpiece. They were rutic looking, but real houses meant for the outdoors.  One person from each table got to take one home.  What a great idea  I thought, instead of throwing away the centerpiece, these could actually be used to house the birds!

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    Why a Predator Proof Blue Bird Birdhouse?

    Pesky Neigbor Cat!
    Pesky Neigbor Cat!
    Predator Proof Blue Birdhouse
    Predator Proof Blue Birdhouse

    Here’s the best excuse I can find for using a predator proof blue birdhouse.  My neighbor’s cat drives me crazy–seeing her under my feeders makes my blood boil! Here she is on top of my birdhouse!!

    Don’t get me wrong, I love cats , and have five of my own.  Fours stay in, and the ex-feral goes out for 5 minutes in the morning before work and 5 minutes when I get home from work.

    A predator proof blue birdhouse thwarts this kind of nasty behavior as it’s design just doesn’t allow for this kind of dangerous situation.