Best Winter Bird Tip: Heated Bird Bath

November 7, 2009
posted by birdhouse chick @ 10:09 pm

heated bird bathThe Number One Winter Bird Tip!

Attracting wild birds through changing seasons sometimes requires us to adapt birding accessories to those seasons. For instance, in the heat of summer, high fat suet melts easily and turns rancid quickly, so it’s not ideal for summer, although packed with calories and great for winter feeding! During freezing winter temperatures, the shallow water in bird baths will freeze over, rendering them useless.

Regardless of climate, a  fresh water source is always the most effective way to attract more species of wild birds. Aside from birdhouses and bird feeders, water will always complete a bird-friendly habitat. In colder climates during winter months, a heated bird bath is without a doubt, the number way to experience more sightings of different species for the ultimate backyard birding experience!

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