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    Prevent Wasp’s Nests in your decorative bird houses

    You can guard against wasp nests in decorative bird houses with this simple remedyEver check a birdhouse only to be disappointed in finding a wasp’s nest instead of bird’s nest? It happens all the time as conditions are also perfect for housing the pesky insects. Especially inside wooden houses, they love to build their honeycomb structures and thrive.

    You can actually guard against hornet and wasp invasion, and keep those decorative bird houses reserved for birds only. The secret weapon is soap! Yes, plain old simple bar soap. Take a dry bar of soap and rub it on the underside of the roof inside the bird house. This is where most nests are found. Wasps can not (or will not) cling to a surface that has been “soaped”. They’ll also build nests on the vertical walls of the house, but usually near the top. These areas should also have the dry soap applied. It will not harm birds, nor hinder the nesting process.

    Granted you’ve got to be able to get your hand inside the house to do this, and some decorative bird houses may not allow that option. These fun ceramic birdhouses actually separate so you can get to the inside should the need arise. When choosing any birdhouse, it’s best to make sure it’s a functional one if you’d like to entice feathered friends to nest. Always look for some type of clean-out so you can remove old nests, ventilation is important too. The house will be more bird-friendly if the entrance is situated somewhat toward the top portion as well. This helps protect nestlings from predator’s reach.Garden Friends are among some of the cutest decorative bird houses, totally functional too!

    Nesting season is here, we found four eggs in one of our bluebird houses today! It won’t be long before chickadees, titmice, warblers and all the other cavity-dwelling birds start seeking digs to raise their young. If you’ve already got bird houses in your yard, it’s best to check for old nests and remove them. A plastic bag works great, just grab the nest and turn the bag inside out, otherwise, gloves are recommended.

    Make decorative bird houses available for your beaked buddies this season… and they’ll thank you for housing the birds! Oh, and don’t forget the soap if wasps or hornets are a problem around your yard.
    Finally… Welcome spring 🙂