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    Happy Easter!

    Please don’t buy bunnies and don’t buy chicks.
    Get birdhouses for nesting and feeders for kicks!

    Did you know that over 80% of rabbits and baby chicks purchased as Easter gifts won’t make it to their first birthday? Opt for a stuffed animal for the little one. They’ll love it just as much and it requires no care or responsibility.

    Happy Easter to all!

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    The First Hummingbird and Happy Easter

    happy easterJust wanted to wish all a very Happy Easter Holiday!

    It saddens me to see that many agricultural-type stores still sell baby chicks and rabbits at Easter.  While buying some seed for my many wild bird feeders the other day, I couldn’t help but look in the metal water trough where the chicks were contained.  What about the sickly one?  Would he make it? Did anyone even care?  I found it repulsive, and told the manager about the sick bird, then left the establishment to purchase birdseed elsewhere.

    On a much happier note, the first hummingbird was spotted at my feeder yesterday!  He must be tired from the long journey, and happy to have found his old feeder ready and waiting on him.  Last summer I had two leaf misters set out, and the hummingbirds absolutely loved them.  They would play and flit around everyday in the fine mist.  I wonder if he was looking for that too?  Not quite warm enough yet in Atlanta for that.