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    unique birdhouses… I’d say so!

    ceramic basset hound and more are the most unique birdhousesWhen I hear the words “unique birdhouses”, it seems curiosity always gets the best of me and I must take a look. When the same old stuff is touted as unique birdhouses, it’s really disappointing. The stuff made overseas – that’s all over the web, well it’s just not unique at all 🙁

    Artists are the ones who craft unique stuff because not only their talent, but their passion goes into the item. These unique birdhouses by artist Doug Fey are some of the cooGreat Dane ceramic makes for a most unique birdhouselest I’ve ever seen! Totally hand crafted, no molds are used in his process. Twice fired, the process makes them weatherproof for year round use… perfect roosting spots for cold winter nights.

    Not limited to clever canines, this artist has a wide variety of subject matter, and even welcomes custom work from photos of your favorite critter.

    Now ya must admit…these are some pretty unique birdhouses indeed!

    unique birdhouses by artist doug fay are definitely cool


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    Unique Birdhouses Make Great Bird Homes

    Unique BirdhousesSo they’re not your traditional square bird house, but these hand crafted wood birdhouses make for the perfect nest site for your feathered friends! With a twist-off base for easy clean out, these unique birdhouses are anything but square. Entrances are proportional, and the wood is a fast-growth, renewable resource.

    Designs that are guaranteed to brighten your environment, and offer precious nesting space for cavity dwelling birds. Great for wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and others, unique birdhouses make wonderful, and long lasting gifts for any nature enthusiast on your list.

    Green Products… Good for the environment
    These hand-carved products are produced from fast growth renewable albesia wood. The paints and finishes used are non-toxic. These
    functional, unique birdhouses come complete with clean outs, a necessity for our avian friends.. and packing is always recycled, saving our landfills from unnecessary packaging waste. unique birdhouses

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    Decorative Bird Houses…More Than Looks!

    Decorative Bird Houses

    It’s a boat…hanging in a tree!  A boat birdhouse that’s actually home to a family of chickadees in my yard.  This is a very neat little house that’s seen several years of fledglings, and received many compliments too.  Decorative bird houses do so much more than just decorate the yard and look good.

    This house is about seven years old, and it’s seen new nests every year.  I’m not sure why, but the birds really like this one!  With the vast destruction of natural habitat, it’s getting tougher for wild birds to find proper nest sites.  Cavity nesting birds face stiff competition for nest boxes, so hanging birdhouses really does help them thrive.

    Please help house the birds!