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    Some choose PVC over wood birdhouses

    a pvc gilbertson nest box is preferred over wood birdhouses by some birdsSome birds that is! Of the many wood birdhouses situated in our yard, the first brood of bluebirds hatched and fledged from this PVC birdhouse instead. Called a Gilbertson Nest Box, it’s specifically designed for Eastern Bluebirds, but Tree Swallows and House Wrens are known to frequent them as well.

    Of the many modern materials now used for birdhouses… there is something to be said for old-fashioned wood. Especially the hand crafted wood birdhouses, the selection is fantastic (if you know where to look). Reclaimed materials like barn wood and tin make for some of the best (and sturdiest) houses for feathered friends, simply because they’ve already stood the test of time.reclaimed materials are widely used for wood birdhouses

    The wood used on this log front wood birdhouse comes from a general store in the North Georgia mountains that’s over one hundred years old.

    Some hand carved wood birdhouses make for whimsical garden decor for us humans, while a swell dwelling for wild birds too. Many are totally functional with clean-outs and proper ventilation. Crafted from a fast-growth, renewable wood, this wood birdhouse below is a hoot!

    Providing birdhouses is a necessity for our avian amigos. Dwindling habitat, and competition from non-native birds for natural nest cavities, and of course predators, are just a few reasons we need to help wild birds thrive and flourish. Believe it or not… our own future depends on it.

    Please help house the birds 🙂

    blue looney is a hand carved wood birdhouse... so ugly, he's cute

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    Comedic Cats for Some Unique Birdhouses

    hand carved fat cat unique birdhouseBirdhouse designs need not be boring in order to be functional. These hand carved, and hand painted funny cat birdhouses are totally fun and functional. They have trap doors, or twist off bases for yearly clean-out, proper ventilation, and they offer feathered friends a cozy and safe nesting sitHand made fat cat wooden birdhousee. Birds will also use houses to roost on cold winter nights, and for protection when Mr. Hawk or the neighbor’s cat visits the yard.

    Crafted from a renewable, fast growth resource, albesia wood is durable and practical. Non toxic paints and finishes are used ensuring safety for birds and nestlings. Packaging is always recycled, saving landfills from more unnecessary waste. Several great cats to choose from, Tabbies, Siamese, Tuxedo, leaping or just chilling cats

    These unique birdhouses make for excellent and long-lasting gifts, that will actually be used and enjoyed for many seasons. Especially for cat lovers, nature buffs and backyard birding enthusiasts will definitely get a kick out of the unique designs. Never any worries of the dreaded re-gifting with these great birdhouses.orange tabby unique birdhouse Check them out!

    Siamese Cat Hand Crafted Birdhouse